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Alternative Methods of Agriculture V10

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Alternative Methods of Agriculture V10

Lunghezza: 174 pagine


Alternative Methods of Agriculture is an English translation of a number of parts of ""The Dutch Report on Alternative Agriculture. This book explores not only the relationship between agriculture and the environment, but also the relationship between human beings and society.
The book focuses on the role of nature and man in agriculture and environment; the justification of the terms natural and biological; comparisons between alternative agriculture and conventional agriculture; soil fertility; quality of products of alternative agriculture; coping mechanism of alternative agriculture to pests, weeds, diseases and energy problems; economics of alternative systems; and the effect of alternative agriculture on the integration of nature, agriculture and man.
The book presents the ideologies that serve as the basis for alternative agriculture, such as A.N.O.G agriculture, biodynamic agriculture, Howard-Balfour agriculture, Lemaire-Boucher agriculture, macrobiotic agriculture, mazdaznan agriculture, organic-biological agriculture, and veganic agriculture. It also explores cultivation methods, including tillage, soil disinfection, fertilizing, composting, soil cover, crop rotation, and multiple cropping.
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