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Analysis of Triglycerides

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Analysis of Triglycerides

Valutazione: 5 stelle su 55/5 (1 recensione)
Lunghezza: 330 pagine


Analysis of Triglycerides is a 13-chapter text that covers the various types of analyses, the specific operating conditions, and experimental details necessary when dealing with certain types of triglyceride molecules and their derived diglycerides.
After briefly providing an overview of the history and applications of triglycerides analysis, this book goes on describing the analytical techniques for triglyceride analysis, which are subdivided into sample preparation, molecular fractionation, and positional analysis. Considerable chapters are devoted to diglyceride characterization procedures. A chapter describes the various fatty acid distribution theories for estimating the composition of natural triglyceride mixtures. The final chapter outlines useful combinations of analytical techniques for obtaining maximum compositional information.
This book is a comprehensive reference source for analytical and organic chemists and researchers, as well as for teachers and students who are interested in seeking more information on the subject.
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