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A Medley of Stories

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Listen for the echoes of Christmas carols in Darlene Franklin’s books through samples from three of her recent series.

Jacob’s Christmas Dream  kicks off the 11-author Christmas Mail Order Angels series. (The first anthology, with books 1-6, will be published on September. Jake Underwood helps his friend Matt Thomas sign up 11 potential grooms, while Becky Patterson finds ten more women to travel to Wyoming from Merville, Maine. She wants to escape her father’s parsonage. . .only to learn Jake is a part-time preacher.

An Apple for Christmas is part of an 8-author series, Christmas Traditions, which has been an Amazon best-seller. Ruby Nelson left her job at developing new varieties of apples to teach at a girl’s school. Turns out the father of twin girls in her class owns the largest orchard in Vermont.

Christmas Visitors is one of a trilogy of my Christmas stories, Gifts of Christmas. Five years ago Cora Grace allowed a traveling couple into her home when the wife went into labor. After her death, Cora helped the widower Alex Miller raise the baby. Now three visitors from the East arrive--with business with Alex. Their presence shakes the comfortable world Cora and Alex have made for themselves--will it draw them even closer together, or push them apart?

Settle back and sing along.

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