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Crohn's, Colitis, IBS and IBD. How Can I Resolve My Digestive Problems And Get Healthy Again ...WITHOUT DRUGS ?

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Crohn's, Colitis, IBS and IBD. How Can I Resolve My Digestive Problems And Get Healthy Again ...WITHOUT DRUGS ?

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Have you ever wondered what treatments and cures the old time doctors had for Intestinal diseases? What did they do back in the olden days for illness when there were no drugs?
Well actually, IBS and IBD are relatively new diseases on the scale of human ailments, but they are no less an intestinal disorder. Modern science now believes that the explosion of these diseases in our current times is a direct reflection of our poor diet, self-destructive farming methods, "masking" drug treatments and anti-biotic overuse.
The purpose of this book is to re-acquaint people with the forgotten Treasure-Trove of herbal medicine for treatment of stomach and intestinal disorders which have been employed by the American Indians, the gypsies, the Chinese, the ancient herbalists, and the old-time country doctors. The human body has a built-in system for killing foreign bacteria and viruses and has been performing these cures for centuries. It's called the immune system. A strong immune system is the only real cure for any illness. Herbal remedies have a history of rebuilding the immune system and combining them with a good diet can cleanse the system allowing the body to heal itself. Modern medicine, (mainly the drug industry), is not focused on curing diseases. Drugs only treat "the symptoms" of disease, never the underlying cause, thereby sustaining continued drug use, with disruptive and severe side effects, which keep people "drug dependent" and continually sick. Good for business, bad for people.
These authors have pulled together a storehouse of information regarding natural healing treatments for stomach and intestinal disorders AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: A List of the herbs known throughout history to treat intestinal ailments- all with no side-effects. Read each one and notice the target specific. Along with reported use, some of the herbs listed here contain additional information including research, studies and history of the plant’s medicinal properties.
Over the last 60 years, numerous growing and harvesting methods such as genetic manipulation, chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides, and green harvesting (shipping unripened foods), has depleted precious macromolecules from the modern day food intake. This gradual depletion directly correlates to the rise of immune failure and autoimmune conditions in the industrialized nations. Currently, it is estimated that less than 20% of the original levels of these molecules remain in the industrialized food supply today.
Additional Subjects addressed in this book include:
What are the suspected causes of IBS & IBD and the importance of the immune system.
How does stress impact the body?
What kind of diets are beneficial for cleansing and how does diet relate to these diseases. What triggers the re-occurrence of them...Foods to try and foods to avoid?
“Phytomedicine” and a brief history of Herbology including Chinese medicine through the ages.
Loss of chemical compounds due to diarrhea and why drugs will never cure IBS & IBD.
And a Glossary and methods of herbal preparation.

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