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Fifty Shades of Faithful: Fifty Shades of Faithful, #1

Fifty Shades of Faithful: Fifty Shades of Faithful, #1

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Fifty Shades of Faithful: Fifty Shades of Faithful, #1

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Aug 16, 2015


Trust the Tuckers -- A cop and a photographer husband and wife team who are not your average relationship counselors!
1. Sam helps a young man who risked his marriage to try a little role-playing. 2. Vivian tells Sam to get tough with a two-fisted female taking out her money pressures on her husband. 3. Sibling squabbles continue beyond the grave when a friend of Sam's accuses his brother's former caregiver of being a gold digger. 4. The Tucker's housekeeper needs their help to survive adultery and a family secret the women have kept for generations. 5. When child traffickers show up at Vivian's  photo studio, she and Sam deal with a couple whose relationship might endanger themselves and the children they hope to rescue.


Free of graphic or explicit content, this book still has some eyebrow-raising bits of advice about trust and honesty, playful communication, and gentle roleplaying within marriage. It's not a sex manual, and it's not just for married people, but for people of all ages and stages of life. 


Aug 16, 2015

Informazioni sull'autore

Mary grew up in rural NY and Michael is from AZ. We met at college, taught school in AZ, MO and PA, homeschooled, and created curriculum and videos for church and commercial productions. We have three supposedly grown children and traveled the 48 states and Canada together in a tractor trailer.Findley Family Video Publications has the key verse “Speaking the Truth in Love” from Ephesians 4:15. We have four main goals:To Present a Biblical WorldviewTo Exalt the Lord Jesus ChristTo Edify BelieversTo Teach and to DelightMichael J. Findley has been on the road most of his life and his writings reflect that motion. From the rise of the ancient Hittite Empire to a generational saga of a Space Empire, the one constant is his desire to communicate the truth of God's Word through fiction and nonfiction. Homeschoolers, church leaders, and ordinary believers who want to go deeper into the Word and reach higher to put God in the exalted place where He belongs will find many answers here.They say write what you know. Mary C. Findley has poured her real life into her writing -- From the cover designs inspired by her lifelong art studies to the love of pets and country life that worm their way into her historicals. The never-say-die heroes in her twenty-some fiction works are inspired by her husband, a crazy smart man with whom she co-writes science and history-based nonfiction. These works were jump-started by a deep awareness of the dangers in our future if we don't understand ideological enemies rooted in the past. She's a strong believer in helping others and also has books about publishing advice and the need to have strong standards in reading and writing.She has traveled internationally and around the lower 48 and Canada multiple times. Anecdotes from her small town life, college experiences, European, Canadian, and south-of-the border travels, as well as adventures as shotgun rider in a tractor trailer fill her contemporary works. She has also donned the cloak of alt-Victorian adventuress as Sophronia Belle Lyon, steampunk writer with her own League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (and ladies) from the great 1800s novelists. In all her works you will find faith, family, friendship and fulfilling stories. Do come have a look!

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Fifty Shades of Faithful - Mary C. Findley

from Cowboys and Indians

TIM CALLED HIS father’s cell phone. Dad, I have got to talk to you, he said.

Son, I’ve been meaning to call you, his father said uneasily. We’ve been really busy. Sandy has disappeared.

She’s what? Tim demanded.

There was a woman who visited our church last week and again this past Sunday. She was— Tim could hear his father swallow. She was very different from the usual visitors. She seemed to take an interest in Sandy. The girl’s been very unhappy, and this woman took her out to dinner, talked to her, made quite a fuss, it seems. She’s even bought her some new clothes, according to Ron and Doris. Then Sandy told them she had a job interview, left yesterday morning, and no one has seen her since.

What, they think this woman kidnapped her? Why? Have they called the police?

No, no, son, calm down. Sandy has called a couple of times, assured her parents she’s fine – But it’s very unlike her. Very odd. She – uh – Son, I don’t want to start something, here, but she did ask for your email address awhile back.

Dad, I’ve been getting some emails, Tim breathed. But they couldn’t have been from Sandy. Do you think this woman might be baiting me, trying to get me to meet her, to get something from me because she has Sandy?

Fifty Shades of Faithful


Mary C. Findley

© 2014 Findley Family Video

Fifty Shades of Faithful

© 2014 Findley Family Video

Scripture quotations are from Holy Bible, King James Version. Public Domain.

No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part, or stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission of the publisher. Exception is made for short excerpts used in reviews.

Findley Family Video Publications

Speaking the truth in love.

This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to persons living or dead is coincidental.

In Association with The Edge Books

What is THE EDGE?

THE EDGE is a conviction. It’s where we stand to save the lost. It’s stepping away from our comfortable pews to bring God to the world. It’s following Jesus’ example to minister to the outcasts, the overlooked, the forgotten.

THE EDGE is about relationship, not religion. It’s God’s power being stronger and God’s love running deeper than anything people face. It’s being fearless in the face of adversity and willing to look the devil in the eye and say, You can’t have him or her anymore.

We are authors, Christians, people walking by faith. We are THE EDGE.

A Note from the Author

Sam and Vivian Tucker are not exactly conventional Christian marriage counselors. This short story collection is mixture of suspense, humor, and love designed to help marriages in trouble and to teach fidelity and commitment to the married and unmarried.

The stories contains no graphic or explicit content but do have some eyebrow-raising bits of advice. It’s not a sex manual but it frankly covers uncomfortable topics.

This book contains a little something for everyone as people of all ages have relationship adventures and misadventures in these stories.

Table of Contents

Cowboys and Indians

Punching Bag

Happily Ever After

A Garden Locked Up

Family Package

Cover Reveal and Excerpt from Fifty Shades of Faithful 2: In Living Color

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Cowboys and Indians

I opened to my beloved; but my beloved had withdrawn himself, and was gone: my soul failed when he spake: I sought him, but I could not find him; I called him, but he gave me no answer.

Song of Solomon 5:6

HAVEN’T YOU EVER PLAYED ‘Cowboys and Indians,’ your honor?

As soon as Timothy Reynolds said it, he knew it was a mistake. The Honorable Linda Samuels looked at him over her half-glasses.

Cowboys and Indians, Mr. Reynolds? she echoed.

Tim wanted to stop, but he couldn’t. Yes. Cowboys and Indians; Cops and Robbers. You know – Someone captures someone else. The Indian ties up the cowboy, or you have toy handcuffs –We all did it when we were kids. It was exciting and fun. Everybody knew it was just a game. Even if you were the person who got tied up, you liked it.

I cannot say I ever did play those games, Mr. Reynolds, the judge said coldly. I cannot imagine it being fun to be tied up or handcuffed. Your wife has given evidence that she did not find it fun. She called it spousal abuse. She has presented it as grounds for divorce. That divorce is hereby granted. The marriage of Timothy James Reynolds and Sandra Vaughn Reynolds is hereby dissolved.

Tim had heard about people who had recurring nightmares about terrible events in their lives that hadn’t happened yet. He really never imagined that the finalizing of his divorce from Sandy would become his. Yet he kept waking up, every single night, after having this very dream. Oh, how he dreaded the time when it would become a reality.

Tim looked at the clock. Four AM. Drenched in sweat and trembling, it was just as if he had missed a fatal car crash. He knew he was heading for something devastating, catastrophic – the end of everything. He climbed out of bed and went for the shower. Standing under the coldest water he could get for about ten minutes was the only thing he had found that came close to calming him down.

Christians aren’t supposed to get divorced, he said to the icy water as it poured down his face and over his body. Marriage is for better or for worse, till death do you part, no matter what. There’s no such thing as a divorced Christian. Not a real one, who wants to serve the Lord one hundred percent.

He turned his back to the showerhead and rested his hands against the wall. I can’t teach. I can’t preach. I can’t have any kind of a real ministry in a Bible-believing church. It’s like having a terminal illness that goes on for years. You’re too sick to do anything useful but you’re still alive. I’m a little young to just sit at home and be a prayer warrior. Sandy has destroyed every chance I ever had of having a ministry.

Thinking about Sandy was a mistake. Now it was ten times harder to cool down. A whole flood of memories burst over him. Dates, courtship, the wedding. Tim went down on his knees and began to cry as he thought about their wedding night. It was only six months ago. This marriage should have lasted fifty years, God permitting, not been ended by –

By the suggestion that they try something different, have a little fun, play a little game? Tim had been stunned by Sandy’s reaction. Perversion, she had called it. Sadism. She had said no Christian could possibly think it was all right to experiment with mild bondage. She hadn’t understood the cowboys and Indians analogy, either. She’d actually been afraid of him when he had persisted in trying to persuade her.

The protection from abuse order had been served at work, Monday morning, after that unforgettable weekend. Had he been such a fool to call her, to try to go to his own home to talk to her? A night in jail had not given him any reason to change his mind about how to handle this. When his father had come in the morning, paid his bail and walked him over to the coffee shop across from the county lockup, he did not hesitate to take up the subject with Clark Reynolds. Tim had always asked his dad for advice, even if he’d already made up his mind what the right thing to do was. And the right thing, of course, was to get Sandy to stop being an idiot and listen to him.

Tim, stay away from Sandy, his father said sternly. That’s what the court says you have to do. If you take some time, show her that you didn’t mean what you said or did, that it was some kind of horrible mistake – maybe Sandy will come to trust you again.

Dad, I love Sandy, Tim blurted out. I would never hurt her. Doesn’t she know me better than that?

Tim, being married mean you can trust each other so much that when things happen they drive you together, not apart, his father replied. But when you come up with something that’s different from what the two of you have been taught all your lives – his father struggled to go on. This thing you did – you didn’t learn it in our house, or in church, surely – That kind of thing will tear a marriage apart.

You think I was wrong – I was sinning – even to bring this up? To suggest it, to want to talk about it?

It’s not something Christians would even talk about, son, much less try to do. It’s something the world does, not something we do.

No Christians? Not ever? You never thought about it, or talked about it with mom? Never?

His father looked away. "I wasn’t there, Tim. I don’t know exactly what you said or did. I only see the result. It couldn’t be right, the way Sandy reacted.

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