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Parenting in a Digital world: Stop fighting, start connecting

Parenting in a Digital world: Stop fighting, start connecting

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Parenting in a Digital world: Stop fighting, start connecting

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Apr 29, 2015


From toddlers to teens, this comprehensive book gives parents a detailed understanding of what it means to grow up in a digital world. Actionable and realistic strategies will help empower you to deal with issues such as time wasting and obsession, oversharing and privacy, maintaining a positive digital footprint, engaging in safe and responsible online interactions, cyberbullying, monitoring and trust, issues of online gaming and much more. this book gives parents the skills to help teach their kids to be smart, safe and responsible , enabling them to make positive decisions to minimise the risks, ,whilst taking full advantage of what the technology has to offer. A must for any parent wanting to maintain a positive connection to their child and their world, both now and in the future.

Apr 29, 2015

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Parenting in a Digital world - Martine Oglethorpe

Written by Martine Oglethorpe

Parenting in the Digital Word

Version 10 Copyright 2015 Martine Oglethorpe

All rights Reserved

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form or by any means, either electronic, mechanical or otherwise without prior written consent from the writer, except for the inclusion of brief quotations for a review.

You may store the eBook on your computer or eReader and back up and print one copy for personal use.

Disclaimer: the information contained in the eBook is based on my individual work, research and personal findings and is not to replace professional medical advice.

Smashwords Edition



Why are we fighting?

Why it’s a challenge to parent in the modern world

Is technology making it harder to parent?

We can’t possibly keep up….can we?

They know stuff but are not wise like us?

Haven’t kids and parents always fought?

The Adolescent Environment

They grow and change too

Emotional changes

Social changes

How must parents interpret these changes?

Tackling those thing we fight about

Time wasting, overuse and obsession

Oversharing, privacy & revealing too much

Digital footprint: our online reputation

Teaching critical thinking

Keeping up with friends

Technology as punishment

Homework versus play

Accessing porn & inappropriate content

Getting the most important connection right

Why don’t you trust me?

When to monitor follow and friend our kids online

Getting the message through: the strategies to get it right


Change your mindset

Don’t make it a competition

Build a culture of inclusive play

Give the lecture the boot

Teachable moments


No brainers

Role model what you want to see

Let your kids shine away from the screens

Learn: be relevant


Start connecting now


So you have already experienced some of the negative elements to a life immersed in technology? Or maybe you are not quite there yet and are being proactive in order to prevent future transgressions?

Either way, it’s great you are here and ready to be empowered to get a really good understanding not only of the technology that is out there, but more importantly, how you can effectively incorporate it into your family life.

This book came about as I am often fielding questions from parents about their kids’ behaviour with technology and devices, which I think predominantly stems from a lack of understanding of both their children and some of the changes they go through, as well as a lack of understanding of the technology and the world they live in. Despite that, parents also still need to feel somewhat in control.

In here, we’ll look at the challenges that parents and children face when it comes to technology, and how we can overcome these.

I hope this helps to answer some of these concerns, and provides some strategies for working together with your children.

Why are we fighting?

What exactly are we fighting about? Why all the groans about the impact technology, devices, gaming and social media are having on the context of family life?

From my experience, these are the issues at play:

Parents are nagging at their kids about wasted time on devices, while kids are fighting to stay on for ‘just one more’ game;

Parents are concerned about the effects of the games their kids are playing and who they are playing with online;

Parents are bemoaning the lack of chores, homework and family commitments that are being addressed, due to a head stuck in the screens;

Kids are fighting about what social networking apps they are allowed to use, and parents are concerned about what content is being consumed;

Kids are complaining about what their friends are allowed to do that they are not and bemoaning parents that don’t trust them. They feel their parents are stalking them and their friends and taking away the technology as a form of punishment.

In summary, parents are scared, anxious and worried. They

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