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The Promise: A Tsem Rinpoche Biography (2nd ed)

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The Promise: A Tsem Rinpoche Biography (2nd ed)

Lunghezza: 394 pagine2 ore


The Promise: A Tsem Rinpoche Biography has gone into its 2nd edition.
 This latest edition has additional facts of Tsem Rinpoche’s recognised previous incarnations and spiritual lineage. The Promise features many personal photographs of Tsem Rinpoche’s life, including images that have never been published before. The book crosses four countries, five cities, countless cultures, and is the result of years of travel and research by Tsem Rinpoche’s students. Read intimate stories of Tsem Rinpoche’s life, which have never been publicly told.
 The Promise is a true story of a great man’s journey from the time he was a baby in Taiwan, to his teenage days in the US and India, right through to the first time he set foot in Malaysia at the age of 27. This book promises to show you all that can be achieved when the human spirit, love, compassion and devotion are put to the test and is in turn allowed to shine through

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