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Productivity Hacks: 60 Unconventional Ways to Save Time when Working from Home

Productivity Hacks: 60 Unconventional Ways to Save Time when Working from Home

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Productivity Hacks: 60 Unconventional Ways to Save Time when Working from Home

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Jul 10, 2015


Productivity tips are boring!

Too often, the same information is repeated over and over again. And although the advice may be good, you would probably like to learn something new and different about personal productivity.

Productivity Hacks hopes to change this by being your guide for some uncommon productivity tips, especially for those who are working from home.

DOWNLOAD the book and learn 60 actionable productivity tips to get more done.

Learn how to save time when working from home with tips like:

-Why you should throw most time management advice out the window (tip #1)
-Why an alarm clock is your friend (tip #6)
-Why you should become a time pessimist (tip #8)
-Why you should commute to your home office (tip #18)
-What a distraction list is (tip #26)
-What is the PSD Rule and how it can help you (tip #26)
-What inner time blocks are (tip #41)

But this just a fraction of the productivity tips you will learn by reading this book. Just grab the book, put the tips into action, and improve your daily work productivity, starting today!

Would you like to learn more?

Download this book, and learn 60 uncommon productivity hacks that will increase your work-at-home productivity

Jul 10, 2015

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  • So whenever you have a break, take a brief look at your task list and see if there are any small physical tasks (that take 2-5 minutes max) that you can handle right away. Then, incorporate those tasks into your break.

  • If you decide to become an early riser, go ahead and do it. But don’t simply set the alarm an hour or two earlier and think that’s it. Instead, let your alarm (tip #6) help you start the evening routine early enough and get to bed early enough.

  • A pre-work ritual is a set of steps you execute just before your work session begins. The purpose of this is to set your optimum working conditions first, so that you can work productively and with fewer interruptions during your work block.

  • With the help of clear roles, accountability, and set deadlines, we were able to make all this happen. This was also a prime example of how working in pairs made us more productive than we would have been individually.

  • It takes a while until you get used to the “Mickey Mouse” sound of a speaker. But once you have been consuming content like this for a while, you don’t even notice it anymore.

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Productivity Hacks - Timo Kiander


1. Throw Most Time Management Advice Out the Window

Let's start with a real shocker: you should forget majority of time management tips altogether. Why? Because many of them are just theories that don't necessarily fit your situation.

For instance, if I told you that you should wake up early, this advice would probably sound exciting, but not very practical. It could be that you and your wife just had a baby, who keeps you both awake all night. Suggesting that you should get up at 5am would sound unreasonable, since you would like to get as much sleep possible.

Just remember this: every time you hear about a productivity hack or time management strategy, make sure to put it through a test. What happens is that you end up is with three potential scenarios:

1. You can use the tip as is.

2. It doesn't suit you perfectly, so you implement your own version of it.

3. You ignore the advice altogether.

Let's use three examples and then show which options you use could use in your current imaginary situation:

• Create a task list for tomorrow: Works well for you, so you implement the advice right away (option 1).

• Work in 25-minute chunks and then have a 5-minute break: Sounds great in theory, but you like to work in longer 90-minute time blocks instead (option 2).

• Wake-up at 5am every morning: Not doable at this time of your life, since your baby is keeping up all night (option 3).

Remember that we are talking about personal productivity here and you should find your own way of doing things. If it's different than what everyone else is doing, who cares? All that matters is that you find your own best way to do things.

2. Execute Your Task List Items While Taking a Break

Have you incorporated breaks into your working schedule? Good! They are essential to your well-being and productivity¹. But did you know that you can also knock-off some tasks on your task list while having a break?

Now, you may be looking at the previous sentence confused. You might ask, Aren't breaks meant to recharge my energy and just relax a bit? And you'd be right; but then again, the tasks I'm talking about here can actually support your break.

Let's say that you have been working an hour or so on your computer and you'd like to take a break (say, 15 minutes). So rather than just sitting on your chair and goofing around online during that time, you should really get up from your chair and do something else

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