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Body Sculpting Exercises for Women Over 40: Fit Expert Series, #5

Body Sculpting Exercises for Women Over 40: Fit Expert Series, #5

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Body Sculpting Exercises for Women Over 40: Fit Expert Series, #5

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Jul 7, 2015


Body Sculpting Exercises for Women Over 40 is a 7 chapter, no fluff guide for any woman who wants to look and feel the best they can be.

As with all the, “Fit Expert Series” books this volume delves into the heart and soul of looking great at 40 and beyond.

As we get older our bodies change and gravity begins to kick in. We lose more and more muscle tone and so in order to stay strong and look youthful we need to incorporate a regular health and fitness program into our lives.

Now that doesn’t mean you have to train seven days a week for 4 hours a day and eat like a rabbit. No, you need to live your life, but you also need to take a little extra care of your body as you age.

Who Can Benefit from this Book?

First of all you don’t have to be aged 40 to enjoy the benefits that this book has to offer. All information provided is primarily directed at the older woman but the exercises and routines can be used by anyone younger.

• Women who are noticing certain areas of their bodies beginning to sag and want to take control to firm those areas up.

• Women who are not sure what type of program is best for them and would like to choose which they feel would suit their lifestyle best.

• Women searching for the ideal nutrition plan.

• Women who are very busy and only have a small amount of time to train each day.

• Women who are out of shape, maybe have been living a sedentary lifestyle, and want to break the cycle by living a healthier life.

• Women who don’t feel comfortable going to the gym and want an exercise program they can follow at home. (There are many to choose from!).
• Women who are bored with the same old advice and same old exercise workouts.

• Women who want to improve their confidence so as they can get all they can out of life.

• Women who are already living a healthy lifestyle and want to learn more about bettering themselves mentally and physically.
• Women who have focused their lives on other commitments, work, children, husband, etc, and have now allocated sometime in the day for themselves.

• Women who are single and want to look at their best when going on dates.

• Women who want to try new experiences and discover their personal best with whatever they do.

• Men can do these programs too. Hey why not? If you are a couple why not train together.

Each chapter in this book has been written by a different professional fitness expert.

The information, tips, tricks and advice offered by these trainers are unique to this book and will provide you with the tools to look and feel amazing.

How Can this Book Help Improve your Life?
• You will discover ways to lift and firm up your breasts and buttocks.
• Your toned thighs will look amazing in a skirt or pants.
• Physical activities will get easier as you get stronger.
• You will have clearer skin.
• Mentally you will feel more vibrant and generally happier.
• Improved posture and general balance.
• Your confidence will skyrocket.
• You will save money, (no gym membership or personal training bills).
• You will look and feel younger.
• Add years to your life.

The benefits are almost endless. For the price of this one book you will have all the information you need to achieve your goals to looking great.

Here is the list of fitness experts who contributed to this book:

Forbes Riley
Linda T. Gottlieb
Dr. Marisa R. Silver
Susan Grossman
Warren T. Martin
Danny Kavaldo
Meredith Bartolomei

Jul 7, 2015

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Body Sculpting Exercises for Women Over 40 - Andy Charalambous



Information about health and fitness is ever changing with a number of different approaches from a number of different experts

It can be confusing for most to decide what information will most benefit them as an individual interested in general or specific wellness.

The Fit Expert Series of books puts together experts in their field who offer their own personal advice, tips, tricks, exercises, programs and more on a given health and fitness topic.

In this book 7 experts look at weight loss, health, fitness and how to look amazing at 40.

New changes do happen to your body every ten years. It goes on throughout our lives but tends to be more noticeable every new decade.

Maybe it has something to do with tradition and how we make a big deal out of the decade birthdays such as our 30’s and 40’s. Friends and family joke with you about how old you are getting and that soon you won’t be able to do the things you once used to do or look how you used to look in your youth.

It is all harmless fun and true to a certain extent but that doesn’t mean we should just give up and let things be. Just because you are 40 years old does that mean you cannot have smooth shinny skin, a slim waistline, a shapely figure and be as fit as you have ever been?

Of course not!

But for many men and women this is how they feel. Your single or married, maybe you have children, you work hard all week and have very little time for yourself at the weekends. Who has time to maintain fitness and strength? Your forty now; let it go.

Actually, DO NOT let it go!

I decided to create this book because I want people to realize that these days at ages 40, 50 or even 60 you can still be super fit and look absolutely amazing.

You may not look as you did when you were in your twenties but you can certainly look and feel the best you can be at 40 and over. This requires a combination of the right foods for your body and the best exercises that suit your needs.

This is where Body Sculpting Exercises for Women Over 40 comes into its own. All contributing experts in this book have tailor made the health and fitness programs in their chapters to work with a 40 year old plus body.


Just because you are edging closer to middle age or are already past your 40’s does that mean it is time to give up and let gravity or society drag you down?

Does being middle aged mean that it’s ok to just allow your looks, health and fitness to just slip away?

Of course, you need to accept that getting older is a part of life but that does not mean that you cannot look and feel the best you can be for your age.

Maybe you are in your 40’s and you feel that there is no point in trying to look good because there are so many young women out there and you cannot compete with that.

Well, you don’t have to compete with anyone!

You don’t have to look as good as these younger women! What you can do is be the best and look the best that you can be.  If you do that then you have plenty to feel proud about.

This isn’t only about looks; it’s about how you feel about yourself as a person, as a woman. It’s about looking closely at your wants and needs and deciding whether you are fully living your life or just merely getting by.

With the right instruction there is no reason why a person cannot look better in their 40’s and 50’s than when they were in their 20’s and 30’s.

Some of you were either chubby as a youngster or maybe you lacked the confidence to do the things you wanted to do or it just could be that you had negative feelings about yourself and didn’t see the point in exercising and looking good.

Well, as a mature woman who has lived a bit of life and gained some extra confidence over time, you can finally focus on bettering yourself mentally and physically.

It could be that you are perfectly happy with your life and looks and all you want is a little guidance for keeping fit. You may be a woman who has gained some extra pounds over the years, perhaps after pregnancy, and you want to shed those pounds with the right exercise and nutrition.

For whatever reason, you may be single and would like to improve your muscle tone so your clothes fit you better for going on dates. You could have a medical condition and your doctor has advised you to do some fitness training or lose some weight.

There are a hundred other reasons for exercising and eating healthily throughout your middle years. The point is that exercising and eating healthily throughout your life, and especially as you get older, will take years off how you look and add years to how long you live.

In this book 7 fitness experts go into detail about the best ways to stay mentally and physically fit during your 40’s and beyond. You will be presented with the right tools to improve how you look and how you feel.

Some examples of what you will find in these chapters are: Learning about yourself and what you want, cardio exercises, weight training exercises and routines, nutrition plans, motivational advice, goal setting and much more.

One important way to assist your weight loss efforts is by increasing your muscle mass with weight training.  Weight training provides many health benefits such as increased strength and endurance, says Susan Grossman, (Chapter 1).

In chapter 2, Linda T. Gottlieb asks, How do mature women stay visible through the years and not become frumpy, dowdy or drab? Linda has some great tips and advice that answer this very question.

There are certain basics, most of which are rooted in common sense, with which we cannot go wrong.  Let’s start with what I believe to be the single most important decision you can make regarding your overall health..... Danny Kavadlo, (Chapter 3), will tell you what that important decision is.

Forbes Riley, (Chapter 4), celebrity fitness personality states, In this chapter I am going to offer you 5 simple changes that I recommend doing to completely change your body into something you’ve always dreamed of. That sounds interesting! 

"Three areas you must focus on to make this point of your life move forward to better your health and wellness. Motivation and setting goals, workouts and nutrition." In chapter 5, Warren T. Martin explains all.

A positive outlook and energy comes from within. Women that have reached their early 40’s have reached a point where they need to focus on their personal psychology as well as the external physicality. In chapter 6, Dr. Marisa R. Silver

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