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Reiki Sutras

Reiki Sutras

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Reiki Sutras

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Jul 2, 2015


Right now, Sickness is increasing at an alarming rate and solutions decreasing. More and more people are turning towards a holistic approach so as to combat these grave problems.

Reiki the vibrational energy medicine when emitted through hands of Healer whose mind meditating on subtle love realms have the potential to relax, rejuvenate and renovate any human body and subtle bodies. This in turn throws away sickness and brings back wellness of body, mind and sprit.

Even though Reiki improves serious medical condition, a competent healer and systematic way of treatment bestows complete healing. This Systematic way (from my 15 years of healing experience), healing positions, the conduct, ethic and life of healer are elaborately discussed in this book. Only a refined, dedicative healer have the capacity to create miracles in healing while other Reiki practitioners can pacify health symptoms.

Reiki is an innovative healing technique, which has firm roots in Vedic & Tantric system, practiced thousands of centuries ago by the saints of ancient India. Equally it had closer links to the Buddhist practice that was flourished all over Asian subcontinent. I have tried to explore and throw lights on the connection between the vital Reiki elements with Buddhist ideologies of energy awakening, which is lead by Tantric system practiced by Indian saints.

The book contains subtle images, drawn by M. Vijayashankar and graphically designed by Myself and an elaboration of these 10 vital aspects.

1. Prana Vidya Or Wisdom Of Prana
2. Buddhist Way Of Energy Awakening
3. Energy Manifestation In Healing
4. Sublime Energy Of Symbols
5. Systematic Way To Treat Chronic Patience
6. Tips To Become A Great Healer
7. Spiritual Ethics And Conduct Of Healer
8. Subtle Anatomy & Mythology Of Body
9. Setting Up A Tantric Healing Room With Reiki
10. Healing In Combination With Buddhist And Indian Tantra

Jul 2, 2015

Informazioni sull'autore

Rajesh Nanoo. Born and Bought up in Kerala/South India. From childhood onwards, I had a deep inclination towards spirituality. After the studies, I was fully engrossed on mastering subtle philosophies (like Vedas, Zen, Sufism, Taoism, Buddhism etc), Semitic philosophy (Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc) and Healing modalities (Reiki, Yoga, Herbalism, Naturopathy). Acquired a Master Degree in alternative medicine and practiced as healer for chronic diseases and also did counseling. This study was completed at the age of 25, so I moved on to Multimedia and learned the fundamentals of computer programming. Soon, I was evolved to don many roles starting with Author, Poet, Column writer, Motivational speaker, Freelance Designer, Art director, Creative director, Script writer and Director. Even after all these metamorphose, unto now, I define myself only as a spiritual person as the greatest power in me is spirituality. It is due to the spiritual power, I could evolve to many roles. Just like the water when poured into different vessels or glasses gets a particular shape, similarly my writings, designs and film making transitioned from spirituality to that particular format. In every work I did, from creativity to healing, this spiritual undercurrent can be clearly traced. Due to this mentality I do every work, not as a work but as worship, with utmost sincerity, hard working and deep focus. Interests & Passions - Social networking, blogging, microblogging, networking, music designing, reading, researching, analyzing and watching movies Achievements in Creative Field : My columns and books were published by the top most publishers of that area. Scripted for Malayalam Feature Film Written and Directed two english short films and an animation short film

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Reiki Sutras - Rajesh Nanoo




























May my body become pure,

May I be free from impurity and sin,

May I realize myself as light divine.

May my mind become pure,

May I be free from impurity and sin,

May I realize myself as light divine.

May my self become pure,

May I be free from impurity and sin,

May I realize myself as light divine.

Taittiriya Aranyaka

This book is a summarized edition that explores the pillars and healing methodology of Reiki, which was built from the foundation laid by Saints in Indian Tantra and Lamas from Buddhism. By the grace of these Selfless, Sacred masters the world benefitted with a healing technique, which grants boundless possibilities for the real healer. When a patient is immersed in a helpless and hopeless situation, by his request the healer emerges. Then a continual flow of love energy through gross and subtle bodies happens by the splendid touch of the healer, whose life and healing power has been ordained at the lotus feet of the Highest Healer – The Prana.

Reiki practitioners neither diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe substances, they neither perform medical treatment nor do they interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional in other modalities. It is recommended to see a licensed physician, or licensed health care professional for any complicated ailment they may have.

Patients should recognize that a Reiki treatment program must be followed to be truly effective, just like prescribed medication is only effective if taken as directed.


1. I thank all Reiki masters for giving me valuable information; particularly to my Reiki master Dr. Raj Prakash (PhD) who gave me my master’s degree and the most valuable information about Reiki healing methodology.

2. I thank my guru T.Shivashankaran, for teaching me Upanishads when I was a nascent, without his elucidation it would have been difficult to understand the heart of the Upanishadic concept.

3. I am also thankful to Manjunath Gopalkrishnan who gave me the book Vajrayana Sutra and wrote short notes based on that book, which was very helpful while writing about the connection of Reiki with Buddhist Tantra.

4. I also confer my gratitude to Swami Nirmalanda Giri who provided me the insightful information about the Sacred Tantric Rituals of Indian origin.

5. I am deeply thankful to Doctor M. Vijayshankar for his illustrations before every chapter and Miss. Santhakumari E N for sketching Reiki Hand Positions.

6. I am obliged to Mr. Subramanayam who helped me to rectify grammar mistakes in the book.

7. In conclusion I would like to say- If I have said anything good then, it is due to the grace of my masters so kindly confine your applause to them only. If I had said anything that seems nonsense then confine it into my account, my masters are not responsible for that. So don’t curse them. I take all the responsibilities for failures.


Prosperity depends upon Person. Person depends upon health. Everything depends upon Health. Health depends upon Mind and Lifestyle. To be precise, we can say that, what you take in and what you give out determines your Health. Therefore, prime care should be given to health rather than wealth. These days man gives up his health in search of wealth, and when he gains wealth he won’t have the luck to enjoy it because of ill-health. He should understand, No wealth is better than health.

Health is lost mainly because of the ignorance about a healthy lifestyle. Ignorance also prevents you from healing. Wisdom is the key to a healthy life and healing illnesses. Modern world is filled with different modalities of treatment far more than before but fewer recoveries are made than before. We have lot of medicines but a few improvements. Hospitals have increased & Health level has decreased. Lot of patients are now groping in darkness and don’t know where to move on next. Reiki Methodology is trying to give light to those who are fed up with darkness. This method has a legacy of centuries. Remember that, we are taking you towards the glorious past than placing you in the vain pomp of the 21st century.

Reiki system of healing is different from other modalities of treatments. It tries to help you to heal when other modalities of treatment succumbed to combat with ailments. Hence we begin, where others failed. When you think, none is offering a helping hand, and then this method offers you its hands. When you think all the doors are closed, then it is opening its windows. When you think you are discarded, then it is there for a warm welcome. When you wander, it gives you a shelter.

The reason why this system of healing is different from other modalities of treatment lies in the concept of healing. For us, the meaning of healing is not bestowing a healthy body. It has more meaning than that. Healing means transition. It’s a sublime journey of transition and changing oneself completely. The beauty of holistic healing lies in this total transition

Transition from Ailing To Healing,

Transition From Imbalance To Balance

Transition From Weak To Strong

Transition From Stress To Relaxation

Transition From Degeneration To Rejuvenation

Transition From Ignorance To Wisdom

Reiki heals you for transitions, rather than bestowing you a healthy body. Its motto is to lead you from Mortality to Immortality by infusing wisdom along with healing. Healthy body along with serene mind is a hard combination in the modern world. Life will be sweet, for the one who have peace in body and peace in mind. It’s not polluted by negative thoughts, and negative vibrations. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels will become rhythmic. Body follows as the Mind leads you and Mind led by the light of wisdom.

The wisdom that differentiates real from unreal is the leader, which leads you from the front. When you are associating with Reiki system, then it is trying to bestow you that wonderful combination of a robust body along with Serene mind.

Reiki Redefined

This is a questionnaire submitted to me by a journalist for a leading health magazine in India. This provides the readers a gist about Reiki healing.

What is Reiki? How does it work?

Reiki is a Japanese name of a healing technique. It has been derived from two Japanese words, Rei and Ki. Rei means- universal and Ki means the life force or energy, hence Reiki means- universal life force energy. As per Indian culture, energy is called as Prana. The name ‘universal’ does not have significance because the nature of energy itself is universal. Any creature in this world cannot survive without energy. Reiki corrects the imbalance of energy in physical, mental, and emotional levels and finally makes you FIT to see through your spiritual level.

What does a Reiki treatment consist of?

A Reiki treatment is healing via hands. The practitioner places his hands on the patient’s, body and provides Reiki energy to make the imbalance balanced. The energy radiates from the hands of the practitioner transforms into love energy. Modern medicine also have emphasized the importance of touch and care for the patients and recent studies have conveyed that a lovable touch and care can create great changes in patient’s mind. So what more can one say about an energy, which emanates from a love sphere?

For how long have you been practicing it?

I have been practicing Reiki for the last five years and from childhood onwards practicing to gain mastery over Subtle-Energy levels.

What is Reiki energy? How does it heal?

Reiki is the impeccable love energy which has the power to heal. Energy is vital for every being. We live when the energy is alive in us by food, positive thoughts, and breathing. One is subject to get into ailments, due to the imbalance of food, irregularity of thoughts and pollution from the air. It’s obvious that what cause ailments can also have the capacity to heal. If diseases are one form of energy imbalance then Reiki is another form of energy which can correct this imbalance. So I like to call Reiki as a Vibrational Energy medicine. When there is a balance of body and mind then it’s a state of health and Reiki energy makes you remain in that optimum balance.

Has the efficacy of this treatment been proven scientifically?

Reiki cannot be proven scientifically because senses can’t understand or perceive energy. Electricity is a form of energy but has anyone perceived it? By not perceiving it, one cannot say there is no Electricity? We can’t say that. Because electricity can be perceived in another form, a fan rotates due to electricity. Hence electricity can be understood in another form, electricity is the cause and rotation its effects. The Cause can be understood from Effects. Similarly, Reiki can’t be perceived we can understand the power of energy when one gets healed.

But still there are some equipment from which one can measure energy emitting from healers hands, so one can differentiate a healer and an ordinary man. Just like electricity can be measured from cables, similarly Reiki can be measured from hands. Finally, is Reiki a placebo effect? Scientist like Oschman, Benor, and Hunt has furnished valuable insights scientifically about the efficacy of Reiki.

Can it cure chronic diseases?

None in the world can answer this question; neither Reiki nor any modality of healing can answer this question successfully. Can modern medicine or any sort of Doctors firmly say that he can heal such and such disease completely? Can any medicine claim that it can heal any particular disease impeccably? Reiki has cured many chronic illnesses, which I can certify from my own life experiences with ailments of myself and others. It helped a lot of people and didn’t make any case worse if not healed completely.

What is attunement?

Attunement means empowerment. It is handing over the charge to do something. Right now, you are not having the power to heal yourself or channelize the energy for healing. Energy should be channelized and should be ready to use at any time. Electricity is always there in bulbs and tubes, only we have to press the switch to get the light, similarly attunements enables to store an infinite amount of energy and ready for application in needed hours.

Can Reiki be used in conjunction with other therapies?

Yes, Reiki can be given with any form of treatment. I personally know an Ayurvedic Dr, who applies Reiki to medicines for her patients for getting more results than just giving medicine. Similarly, there are lots of Doctors, worldwide using Reiki in hospitals particularly in operation theaters.

Who can give Reiki treatment?

Anyone who is sincere and lovable, and completed Reiki second degree can give treatments to others.

Who can learn Reiki? How can one learn it?

Even a child can learn Reiki, but even an old man cannot practice it sincerely. Anyone can learn Reiki from a sincere and competent Reiki master who has the lineage starting from Mikao Usui who is the father of this system. The master who has a blend of healing and teaching experience will be an ideal person. Reiki is free from caste and creed because energy does not have cast and creed, it’s universal. Any person be they Christian or a Hindu, or a Muslim consumes a fruit, extracts the same level of energy similarly Reiki energy acts equally in all, irrespective of caste, creed, sex, and race.

What is distance treatment? Is distance Attunement effective?

Treating one person without his physical presence is called distant healing. He may be living on the other part of the world from where practitioner lives, but still one can treat him, or attune him, that is the beauty of distant healing/attunement. Distant treatment is a short-term treatment to achieve short-term goals & it cannot be oversimplified. One must treat/attune distant only to those who cannot reach physically for healing/ attuning, on those cases distant healing/attunement have been perfect. This is mainly because Reiki has its own mind and none is greater than Energy. Distant healing/attunement is effective because each one is connected each other via energy fields irrespective of distance. So it definitely is effective as per my personal healing/teaching experiences.

Does Reiki work for everyone like children, pregnant women? Is it suitable for all ages?

Energy is vital to everyone, does any children says NO to Energy? Why people give nourishing foods or medicines to children and pregnant women? It’s for enhancing more and more energy; Reiki is pure energy in its purest form, so why should we create barriers for Reiki?

According to you what is the future of Reiki as a healing practice?

I am not a fortuneteller to predict about the future of Reiki. The only information, which I like to share about Reiki energy is- Reiki, is vital energy medicine, which has the capacity to heal. From previous histories one thing is obvious, whatever that is fabulous has surpassed time and centuries. Whenever it’s sidelined by vested interests, it has been raised up, spreads its wings and vigorously flied to conquer new destinies. Thus, who is that much powerful to hold back such a vital energy medicine from crossing barriers of time?

Segment One - Power Of Touch

1. Subtle Anatomy

Two forces seem to be working throughout nature. One of these is constantly differentiating and other is as constantly unifying.

Swami Vivekananda


Each body emits a subtle light or energies that are invisible to the naked eye. These energies appear as light layers or as magnetic fields around the body. It shows the development of the energy fields inside the body and it stores mental and emotional impressions. This external energy field or matrix is called as the aura, corona, and halo. Jewish mystics called it as an astral light. Iranian thinkers termed it as Farr or glory. The modern scientist calls it as the human bioelectrical energy field or Bioplasma. The modern concept of Aura as per quantum physics can be understood from the following studies.

"Modern science tells us that the human organism is not just a physical structure made of molecules, but like everything else, is composed of energy fields. We are constantly changing, ebbing, and flowing, just like the sea. Scientists are learning to measure these subtle changes. The human energy field is the frontier for modern research, and the development of new diagnostic and treatment systems.

We are constantly swimming in a vast sea of life energy fields, thought fields, and bioplasmic forms, moving about and streaming off the body. We are vibrating; radiating bioplasma itself. People have recognized this phenomenon in the past. Now we are rediscovering it. This is thus not a new phenomenon; but rather, a new observation, a growing awareness, a new perspective, and a renewed interest in studying the intricacies of the unknown" HEF Studies – Conclusion, Gloria Alvino.

The bioplasmic waves extend about 10 to 12 inches from the body. It increases significantly during Reiki empowerments and other tantric methods like- Pranayama, Raja yoga, Mantra Shakti, Tantric initiations etc. Any transformation on the sub- conscious level is reflected in the expansion of Aura. Everything has an aura, even inanimate object have it. Most personal objects store this energy emitted from the person who wears it and also radiate this energy from the object itself to the person wearing. Gems, crystals etc have auras with many layers thus it can be used in energy healing. We can see aura through equipment developed by the Russian scientist and popularly know as Kirlian photography. Many thinkers believe that there seven layers of Aura and they are the following:

Etheric body

Emotional body

Mental body

Astral body

Template body

Celestial body

Ketharic or Causal body

Auras & Ailments

Through Aura meters, Aura cameras (Kirlian) and also by clairvoyants, a disease can be seen in the energy body even before it manifests itself on the visible physical body. One who doesn’t have the clairvoyant sense may scan or feel that the inner Aura of the affected part is either smaller or bigger than usual while he places

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