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Discovering Your Past Lives: The Ultimate Guide Into and Through Your Past Life Memories

Discovering Your Past Lives: The Ultimate Guide Into and Through Your Past Life Memories

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Discovering Your Past Lives: The Ultimate Guide Into and Through Your Past Life Memories

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Jul 1, 2015


Have you ever wondered, “What did I do in a past life to deserve this!?” Would you like to know what you did and what happened to you in your past lives? Would you like to know how to use this information in your present life to help you balance karma and grow your soul?

Discovering Your Past Lives is the ultimate guide into and through your past life memories.

Offers numerous mind-opening meditations, experiential exercises, anecdotes, and avenues to explore, including dreams and déjà vu, current clues, past patterns, pre-birth promises, and much, much more as it takes you on a journey into and through your past life memories, and into the interim between lives.

You’re guided through understanding, balancing, and healing your karma in a clear, loving way. You’ll see how to recognize soul mates and special people you’ve been with before, and understand their connections to you now.

You’ll travel a past life path (a full-length past life regression script is included) to see what you’ve done and experienced in previous lifetimes.

This book invites you to trip through time to explore everything you want to discover about your past lives.

Jul 1, 2015

Informazioni sull'autore

Gloria Chadwick has been a writer and a foodie for more than forty years. She is the author of several cookbooks as well as a guide for cookbook authors.

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Discovering Your Past Lives - Gloria Chadwick


This interactive guide about remembering your past lives offers you the opportunity to explore and experience your past lives, and to discover your own truths. It’s based on the reincarnation classes I teach and the past life regressions I conduct, as well as personal insights gained from past life recognitions.

I’ve remembered many of my past lives, some in fragments and fleeting pieces, and others more vividly, but the one I remember very clearly and in great detail relates most directly to who I am now and to what I do in this lifetime—teaching, writing, and sharing my knowledge. That lifetime was the one I experienced in Egypt as a high priest turned philosopher. The story is told in my novel, Somewhere Over the Rainbow: A Soul’s Journey Home.

The knowledge and awareness I’ve gained, both in this lifetime and in my past lives, are echoes of many different experiences and many voices. The more I learn, the more I become aware of the vast knowledge that is within all of us.

This book is my way of sharing the knowledge I have acquired and is offered to help you remember and understand who you were before, how all of your past lives have shaped and led you to who you are now, and how they will influence who you will become.

This book is a guide into discovering and exploring your past lives that offers you ways to open doorways that will lead you into your mind and your soul, showing you a path to your inner, spiritual essence. Your desire to look within yourself to find your own truth and knowledge will open those doorways for you. Understanding your past lives is a big step on your journey for knowledge.

As you begin to discover your past lives and to explore how they influence and affect the events and emotions in your present life, you’ll also discover and explore your inner spiritual knowing. You’ll experience a growing and learning process that will lead you to become aware of and to develop spiritual aspects of yourself.

As you search within yourself, looking for and finding answers and explanations for your experiences, and what they mean in your life, your steps will connect you with the truth and knowledge you have within yourself.

Your experiences will guide you into an in-depth self-awareness as you open the doorway into your soul and expand your horizons by exploring and understanding the true meaning within your experiences. As you open your past life memories and reawaken to your true spiritual nature, you’ll most likely remember the lifetime or lifetimes that relate most directly to this lifetime.

By discovering and exploring the events and emotions in your past lives, and understanding their effect on your present life, you’ll find the meaning and purpose in your life and you’ll know that you are the master of your fate.

It’s a good idea to keep a detailed journal of your beliefs, ideas, thoughts, feelings, and experiences relating to your past lives as you journey through them. Your journal will build the background and create a foundation for your past life memories to surface; it will help you better understand both your present life and your past lives, and how they’re interwoven and connect with one another.

Throughout this book, you’ll find meditations, opening-up exercises, and suggestions for items to include in your journal as well as ideas and other avenues you might want to explore.

Some of the meditations guide you into your subconscious mind and encourage you to experience a more aware level of mind as a prelude to opening up and exploring your past life memories. Other meditations guide you into remembering and re-experiencing events and emotions in your past lives by inviting you to see and feel the images of who you were before and what you experienced.

The material in this book is structured in a hands-on format that allows you to move at your own pace and to absorb the knowledge and information you become aware of in the way that is most appropriate for you. Take your time with opening up and exploring your past lives. Take the time to work with your thoughts and feelings about the information you receive and what you experience.

All the meditations and exercises are flexible. Feel free to adapt them to your lifestyle and to what you feel comfortable with—to what you relate to and resonate with on an inner, soul level. They’re open for you to interpret what you experience and to draw your own conclusions.

Keep an open mind as you follow your feelings about what you experience. Your experiences will show you the truth within yourself. The meditations offer you a way into your inner knowing and into the events and emotions in your past lives; they encourage you to discover and explore further on your own.

The opening-up exercises, suggestions, and ideas offer you the opportunity to acquire more information about your past lives and to pursue what is important for you to know.

The exercises and meditations build upon one another; it’s important to do them in the order in which they’re presented. This gives you a firm foundation and provides you with the necessary stepping stones that will lead you into self-awareness and spiritual knowledge.

As you begin to remember your past life events and emotions, and to see and feel the images of experiences you’ve had in previous lifetimes, write down everything you become aware of, even if it doesn’t make sense at first or you’re not sure if and/or how it relates to your past lives.

Include your feelings about the memories, as well as your thoughts and the images of them. Your feelings are an important part of your memories.

Make notes on the past life influences and their connections with emotions and events in your present life. Tie them together with your insight and understanding. As you make entries in your journal, and connect the clues, you’ll find that this initiates and inspires even more information about your past lives.

The first few pages of your journal may seem like a jumble of images, thoughts, and feelings. This initial information will turn into a valuable assortment of keys and clues into the events and emotions in your past lives, and represents the opening up of your awareness.

The beginning bits and pieces of information tend to become full-blown revelations about your past lives. When you’re ready to understand your keys and clues, you’ll see how everything fits together and makes perfect sense as you unlock your treasure chest of knowledge and truth.

Unraveling and understanding your past life memories is like reading a wonderful mystery novel. Your past lives are filled with interesting and informative characters who will share secrets and clues with you. You’ll find fascinating facts and hidden truths.

You’re the detective; it’s up to you to unearth the clues that will lead you to discovering and remembering your past lives. Your journal will help you unravel the mystery of your memories by solving the clues and piecing together the puzzle of your past lives.

After you’ve completed the exercises and meditations in this book, and written your thoughts, feelings, and insights in your journal about what you’ve experienced and become aware of, you’ll have gathered a tremendous amount of information about your past lives as you open up the knowledge within yourself. Your journal will provide you with a detailed and descriptive narrative about who you were before and what you’ve done in your past lives.

I sincerely hope you’ll use and enjoy this book, and that the material contained herein will help you to discover and explore your past lives, to grow spiritually, and to evolve your soul.

Part One


Chapter One

Reincarnation and its Relationship to You

As people searched for a way to understand the purpose and meaning of life, they found that all truth was within themselves. They became aware of a special essence they possessed that they termed their soul. They learned, through experiences, that their soul was immortal and that their awareness continued through time. Only the perceptions of this knowledge differed; the truth remained the same.

They became aware that death was not the end; it was a new beginning that created a circle of life. They discovered a rhythm that repeated itself in a rebirth of their soul into a different level of awareness. They found that what they did in one lifetime was reflected in another lifetime.

Through the process of reincarnation, your soul is reborn into a new physical body in another lifetime for the purposes of gaining knowledge, and for understanding and resolving negative emotions and actions you experienced and incurred in previous lifetimes.

Through repeated incarnations, you learn karmic lessons and enjoy the rewards of lessons previously learned. As you travel the journey from lifetime to lifetime, you encounter experiences where your actions of previous lives again present themselves in a similar manner. This is known as karma and is commonly referred to as cause and effect.

Cause and effect are the same thing as creating your own reality. You create what you experience in every moment of every lifetime. Through your thoughts, feelings, and actions, you cause events to occur. When you experience karma, you’re experiencing the effect of your previous thoughts, feelings, and actions that you caused and created in your past lives.

In the process of evolving your soul, you become aware of all your actions, and the events you’ve caused and created. You give yourself the opportunity to experience your karma and the freedom to choose what you want to do about your karma. You choose whether you’ll change and correct what you’ve done before—if it needs to be corrected—or whether you’ll continue it into a future lifetime.

You also give yourself the opportunity to enjoy and enhance previously acquired skills and talents, to benefit from what you’ve already learned, to reap the rewards of the many good and loving things you’ve done, and the freedom to increase your knowledge. In your quest for spiritual enlightenment and soul evolvement, you become aware that you do, indeed, create your own reality.

To know that you’ve lived before, and to understand the apparent inequities and injustices of life, brings meaning and purpose to your present life. By accepting responsibility for your attitudes and actions in previous lives, you give yourself the power to make positive changes in your present life which allows you to learn lessons and balance karma.

To know that you have the power to control what happens in your life, and to enjoy the many pleasures and challenges of physical existence, brings you the awareness that you are the master of your fate. By understanding all your experiences, you acquire knowledge and enlightenment which gives you the awareness of your true spiritual nature.

By discovering who you were before, and how your past life experiences relate to who you are now, you gain tremendous benefits in understanding your present experiences.

The value of remembering your past lives is in applying the knowledge and insights acquired from your past lives into the events, emotions, situations, and relationships in your present life.

Chapter Two

The Process of Remembering Your Past Lives

A philosopher once said, Learning consists of remembering previously acquired knowledge. Your subconscious mind has a perfect memory and is the storehouse of all your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and accumulated knowledge. Everything you’ve experienced and become aware of, in every lifetime, is recorded in your subconscious mind.

Remembering your past lives is a process that involves three qualities: Your desire to know, your expectation that you’re able to know, and your belief that you are going to know, will open your memories and allow you to remember your past lives.

All the memories you recall open up for important and various reasons that will help you in your present life. They surface to offer you insights and the answers necessary for understanding your feelings about the relationships you’re involved in, and they explain your responses to situations and events that occur in your present life.

They help to make you aware of how your present actions and experiences are connected to and caused by past life events, and they bring you a clear understanding of their influence on your present life. They surface to help you learn life lessons, balance karma, and to educate you in spiritual awareness.

How Your Subconscious Mind Works

Your conscious mind serves the purpose of operating your physical body and experiencing your present incarnation within the framework of the physical dimension. Your subconscious mind contains your soul knowledge, with all of your accompanying past life memories.

Your conscious mind focuses on concrete ideas and thoughts, and is governed by the characteristics of logic and reasoning. Your conscious mind is limited by the amount of information it can receive and process at any one time, and is restricted by the physical perspective of information that relates to organizing and analyzing your feelings and experiences.

Your subconscious mind focuses on inner truth and knowledge, receiving and processing both physical and spiritual information. Your subconscious mind contains the secrets of imagery and imagination, intuition and awareness, emotions, dreams, and your past life memories.

It operates in a highly sophisticated framework of awareness with an unlimited amount of information, and serves the purposes of acquiring knowledge and helping you understand all your experiences in a spiritual framework during your physical incarnation.

Remembering the events and emotions in your past lives involves opening up and searching your subconscious mind. The information is there, but retrieving it requires the appropriate triggering mechanism.

Your mind has a unique filtering mechanism that allows you to remember only what is relevant or important in any lifetime based on present circumstances. This is because of the vast amount of information acquired in every lifetime.

Your subconscious filter is an intricate filing and retrieval system. You receive so much information on a daily basis that your conscious mind can’t absorb it all and keep it on a conscious level. It’s relegated to the realm

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