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Knowledge is Power

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Knowledge is Power

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Creditology: Volume 1: Knowledge is Power

Wanna buy a new home? Refinance your home? Lease or finance a new vehicle? Take a nice vacation or two this year?
Do you want to enjoy better financial health, and save on interest on the money you borrow?

Most of all, do you want to enjoy the peace of mind that can only come with knowing that you and your family are financially secure?
Credit In Today's World is the book you have been waiting for.

Credit In Today's World takes the mumbo jumbo out of credit and reveals, for the first time ever, the proprietary information that the bureaus and creditors don't want you to know about.

In these pages of information-packed content, you will discover the right tools you need to achieve and maintain an excellent credit profile & score even if you have...

Multiple negative/derogatory credit accounts & history.
Delinquent credit cards and/or personal loans reporting past due payments.
Bills or defaulted debts that have gone to collections.
Home that has been foreclosed on.
Or even declared bankruptcy protection.

“Knowledge is Power” Takes The Mystery Out Of Credit Scoring

There's a dirty little secret the financial industry don't want you to know:
They profit thru your derogatory credit by keeping you ignorant about your credit standing and financial profile!

As long as you don't know your rights as a consumer, you can't challenge the lenders and banks when they fleece you on fees. And, as long as you don't know how your credit is scored, you can't properly create and manage your credit profile properly thus blinding you financially causing damage to your financial report card, a.k.a. your Personal Credit Report.

Knowledge is Power changes all of that!

In 3 informative and entertaining chapters, it lays the foundation you need to challenge or manipulate the credit system and bureaus when you have been unfairly or unjustly profiled and penalized. You will discover...

Why credit is the most important topic to understand in the modern financial world and why you are "shooting yourself in the foot" by not educating yourself on it.

Why the financial industry will not always give you the "whole truth and nothing but the truth" about your finances, and why it's crucial to get this area of your life handled before it's too late.

Why and how individuals who enhance their credit profiles have an almost "unfair advantage" over the rest of us and can effectively buy homes and cars at cheaper prices and lower rates, thanks to their high credit scores reflecting from favorable credit/financial profiles.

Why the VAST majority of credit repair books, articles and blogs out there contain outdated, false or misleading information.
How to avoid the most common credit pitfalls that have ruined millions of peoples' financial lives.

How to actually legally MANIPULATE the credit system to strategically rehabilitate / enhance your credit profile and force scoring modules to positively be in your favor.

And over MANY other financial tips and tricks to improve your credit score even if the credit and lending institutions insists your situation is hopeless.
If you still aren't sure you can get funding for your next major purchase or business endeavor, Knowledge is Power has the strategic solutions you're looking for.

Don't wait another minute to transform and enhance your financial future!

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