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101 Tips for Roleplaying Games

101 Tips for Roleplaying Games

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101 Tips for Roleplaying Games

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Jun 24, 2015


Contained within this book are 101 fully elaborated tips for players of role playing games to cover many aspects of playing the games inside and outside of the game itself. Role playing games come in many different systems and settings but at their core there are certain elements that each has and many ways that an individual player can improve their or even then the whole group’s experience. This book focuses upon those elements of role playing games that can be applied across all systems and for many different types of players. You’ll find a good heap of tips and advice here including...

•Tips for Everyone – Inside and Outside the Gameplay
•Tips for Role-players – How to make a compelling character and meshing with the group
•Tips for Optimizers – Building more useful and better characters and playing the game intelligently.
•Tips for Making the Game Fun – What’s a game without a little spice?

Jun 24, 2015

Informazioni sull'autore

Independent writer of informative non-fiction who loves the freedom of expression that comes with writing online. I originally started with information technology and still hold a love of computer and games but have extended my interests to how we live our lives, healthier lifestyles, and philosophy. Visit to get information on my latest books and blog updates.

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101 Tips for Roleplaying Games - Chris Navarre

101 Tips for Roleplaying Games

Any Player, Any System

By Chris Navarre

Copyright © 2015 Chris Navarre

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Tips for Everyone

Surrounding the Game

Universal In-Game Tips

Chapter 2 – Tips for Role-players

Your Characters

The Groups

Chapter 3 – Tips for Optimizers

Building a Better You

Playing Smarter

Chapter 4 - Tips for Fun


When you sit down to play a pen and paper roleplaying game, you’re entering into a world of play which is significantly different than any board game or video game you’ve ever played before. Almost all other games have strict, nearly inflexible, rules for how things work within the game world while rules in roleplaying games lay only the foundation for gameplay allowing players to enjoy a more diverse and open ended game.

This book contains a series of 101 tips and their elaboration for any player of roleplaying game whether new or experienced and regardless of the system currently being in play. While roleplaying games differ a bit in their mechanics and significantly in their setting, the core centerpieces of building a character and playing them out through game mechanics and role-play never really changes. While different game systems cater to handling certain niches like horror or futuristic science fiction, these tips are much more general in their nature. Inside and outside of a game, there is much that a player can do to improve their game, immersion, and overall enjoyment. My hope is that this book and all the contained tips help you as a player of roleplaying games and inspires ideas and excitement for future games. Good luck and good gaming.

Chapter 1 - Tips for Everyone

Surrounding the Game

A lot more goes into roleplaying games than simply playing the game regardless of if you’re a player or a game master. These are social events that we’re going into and there are many ways that you and other people in the group can make it a more comfortable and enjoyable experience before you even get to playing. Setting yourself up with the right conditions for a good gaming experience is half of what you need to have a fun time. Of course, work with your game master to get things going smoothly since he’s generally the one ultimately calling the shots.

#1 Start with Friends First

You can have fun playing roleplaying games with other people who are serious about playing even if you don’t know them particularly well but it’s generally smoother to get introduced to a game by a friend. Most people are fairly reasonable and respectful of the fact that you are new to the game but they’re few things that turn anyone (namely could be you or another player) off to playing something than a bad experience getting criticized by someone else for doing things wrong. If you just want to try dipping your toes into roleplaying games or any other kind of game then try playing with a friend or group of friends first. If you know who you are playing with then you have a reduced risk of unexpected aggravation from an irate player.

#2 Game Gatherings are a Great Opportunity to Share Cooking

Although surely not a requirement for playing, you’re going to a group gathering which is a chance for comradery. The game is a vehicle to your satisfaction and fun but don’t forget that there is more to roleplaying games than just the game. If you want to get everyone there started with a good mood, then any kind of snack you can bring especially delicious homemade ones are a definite plus. Heck. You could even meta-game the hell out of your game master by stuffing him full of cake if you really wanted to. I’m sure there’s a statistic somewhere that says that players who bring snacks are 22% less likely to have their characters defeated. In all seriousness though, a game isn’t much of a game if people aren’t enjoying being at the table. Food is known to be one of the quickest ways to someone’s heart after all so give it a shot.

#3 Observe and Respect Social Norms

Just because it’s for a casual game doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable to be later all the time to the game. Your game master has enough on their plate to deal with as it is. It’s socially preferable to come on time or early and just relax for a bit. People who can do that consistently will garner respect while others who are late will likely get on many players nerves if not being kicked out of the game entirely. Social norms that exist in the real world still apply while playing the game

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