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Reed's Parliamentary Rules: A Manual of General Parliamentary Law

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Reed's Parliamentary Rules: A Manual of General Parliamentary Law

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Thomas Brackett Reed, (1839-1902), occasionally ridiculed as Czar Reed, was a U.S. Representative from Maine, and Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1889–1891 and from 1895–1899. He was a powerful leader of the Republican Party, serving as Chairman of the powerful Rules Committee. During his tenure as Speaker of the House, he served with greater influence than any Speaker who came before, and he forever increased the Speaker's power and influence for those who succeeded him in the position.

In 1894, he published his handbook on parliamentary procedure, titled "Reed's Rules: A Manual of General Parliamentary Law," a very popular text on the subject of procedure & organization in conducting meetings of any size and for any purpose. "Reed's Rules Of Order" is still in use in the legislature of the State of Washington.

"Reed's Rules: A Manual of General Parliamentary Law" by Thomas Read ex-Speaker of the United Stated House Of Representatives in the late 19th Century is an intensive tome, that is still the procedural basis of large meetings after more than 100 years. It is the perfect guide, providing a quick, clear, concise explanation of parliamentary law and procedure for anyone that wants to run a meeting without chaos. It is excellent for clubs, societies, or virtually ANY gathering, large or small where orderly procedures are necessary to allow the organization's business to be conducted.
Mary Urquhart Lee's shorter, less intricate, "Parliamentary Lessons: based on "Reed's Rules Of Order," is also available in E-book format for anyone needing a quick, clear, concise explanation of parliamentary law and procedure, without the intricacies of "Reed's Rules: A Manual of General Parliamentary Law" or for those who just want a basic understanding of Parliamentary Rules and procedures.

There are approximately 40,100  words and approximately 133+ pages at 300 words per page in this e-book.

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