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A Love Worth Waiting For-Destinee's Story a Novella Book 1

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*Original Title Destinee Romance Novella*

Good things come to those who wait. Or so they say.
Destinee Jones is a shy, quiet, independent young woman with old-fashioned ideas and standards about love and dating. She believes in He who finds a wife... but in a modern world it limits her dating options. A recent college graduate, she lands a job with Attorney Edward Johnson, Jr. Langston, Michigan’s most rich and handsome bachelor. Destinee is like any other red-blooded woman and falls under his spell-but her shyness and unwillingness to take a chance at love hinders her. He is a man who has everything and can have any woman he wants-but when Destinee walks into his life a series of misunderstandings and stubborn wills threaten to keep them apart.

Does Edward have what it takes to wear her resistance down?

Or is Destinee the one woman, he can never have?

**Book 1 is a Clean romance **
Parts 2 and 3 contain sexual content
This book and parts 2 and 3 are available as 1 book in A Johnson Family Saga—Love that Transcends All

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