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You Are a Gift: Unleash Your Innate Talents And Change Your Life

You Are a Gift: Unleash Your Innate Talents And Change Your Life

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You Are a Gift: Unleash Your Innate Talents And Change Your Life

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Jun 1, 2015


Talent is a part of our biology as human beings. Everyone has one, and many have two or three or a hundred; but many are totally unaware of their gifts. Are you one of those people? Maybe you haven't had the opportunity to explore them. Maybe you're skeptical. Maybe you just don't know how to do it. In this guide, you will find simple, step-by-step instructions on how to unleash the talent buried in your biology. Developing our talents is often the difference between being a common man and rising to the status of those that constitute less than one percent of the world's population. Wouldn't you like to join them? We'll show you how.
BONUS : you will get the practical 7 month plan on exploring your hidden talent, at the end of book. Just follow the plan and change your life !

Jun 1, 2015

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You Are a Gift - Edwin Shaw



The concept of a trillionaire tucked away inside everyone might seem a little outlandish, but the reality of people realizing their full potential is that they must first decide that there is no such thing as a wild fantasy. They must also do something that many are taught from a very young age not to do; refuse to accept popular thought and conformity. Many people are born and raised in a culture that is oppressive. This is mainly motivated by government and industry because it is believed that a population must have certain characteristics in order for them to serve certain interests. This idea has birthed entire initiatives designed to discourage the cultivation of talent, and spawned other regressive programs and philosophies. This is why your exploration of your talents is a such a strange pursuit. It will feel and look like an ill-fitting pair of jeans, but you must continue because the rewards are spectacular.

Talent is one part biology, one part environment, and one part influence. It is a delicate flower that must be lovingly raised from a tiny seed, but few people have that knowledge or skill. In this guide, you will examine ways to investigate, identify, and build your existing talents. Real-world, step-by-step instructions will be provided to guide you in the journey from unawareness to accomplishment. Each chapter will offer real-world steps for applying its knowledge. You will be provided with a 7-month, 4-level plan for discovery at the end of this book.

Why do you need this book?

Some say that our lives must serve a greater purpose. We must leave the world better than it was before we existed, and leave something for our children. The way you accomplish this is by offering your very best through using your innate gifts and strengthening those gifts like an athlete builds muscle.

After reading this book, you will understand how to cultivate your talents, have the theoretical knowledge to unlock your talents, and have the practical knowledge necessary to execute these ideas in everyday life.

Chapter 1 - Remember When You Were 8 Years Old: Rediscovering Favorite Activities From Your Childhood

Things that I grew up with stay with me. You start a certain way, and then you spend your whole life trying to find a certain simplicity that you had. It's less about staying in childhood than keeping a certain spirit of seeing things in a different way.

Tim Burton

Childhood is a time of discovery and amazement. We all have fond memories of our childhood adventures. Everything was an adventure no matter how mundane. There was always an opportunity to do something fun. It was also a time when we were very receptive to new ideas, and our natural instincts and personality were allowed total freedom.

Section 1.1

Do you remember what you loved to do as a child? Maybe you loved arts and crafts or athletics. Maybe you loved stories or taking things apart to see what was inside. Can you recall a few memorable experiences? Perhaps you have not forgotten a family trip and the amazing sights and sounds, or maybe you can smell the delicious food that your friend's mom would make for the two of you. Did you spend hours on the playscape or playing cops and robbers?

These are all important things to note because during that period of your life, very little influenced your thoughts and actions. You were in a very raw state. It is a rich source of data that will give you clues about your real self. Though your childhood certainly does not define you, there is a wealth of useful insight.

Review these abandoned pastimes and look for ways to mature them. Truly examine them to see what they are and determine how they can be resumed as an adult, but also explore doing them exactly as you once did. If you have children, it could also be an opportunity to not only resume something you loved, but to also introduce that wonderful pastime to your child and create great memories.

If you loved arts and crafts, there are a wide variety of ways you can explore this as an adult:

-Make or modify things for display in your home or the homes of friends and family.

-Take an art class or attend a workshop.

-Teach a class for adults.

-Teach a class for children in a community space or facility.

-Join a club.

-And more

If you enjoyed athletics, explore your many options:

-Join a sports club or local league at a local fitness facility.

-Coach adult athletics.

-Coach youth athletics.

-Run marathons or participate in triathlons for charity.

-Join an outdoors club.

-Take up an individual sport like surfing, skiing, or cycling.

-Become a personal trainer.

-And more

If you loved visiting the local museums and have fond memories of family trips, consider the possibilities:

-Become a tour guide for a local company.

-Take a job as a museum guide.

-Take any opportunity to travel, and study the area's history.

-Join a history and travel club.

-Start a history website or blog.

-And more

Section 1.2

There are many events, experiences, and characteristics we can recall from childhood, but also many that we barely remember or have totally forgotten. These lost memories and favorites can be very telling. This is even more pronounced if we know that we were steered away from things by strong forces in our life at that time; for example, if you were a male and enjoyed an activity that was deemed somewhat feminine, perhaps males in your life stopped you from doing this. Another example would be a female child that was discouraged from participating in an activity labeled as boyish. Some may be discouraged from participating in activities that are viewed as opposed to their culture. Some adults, as a result of culture and unwritten social laws, whether right or wrong will indoctrinate children with certain ideas. You must decide if these ideas, often presented most strongly during youth, are in agreement with your personal values and lifestyle. It is also common for things to be forgotten due to a combination of your age and your influences rather than because of insignificance or negativity. At that stage of life, your mind was still growing

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