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Quest for the Führer’s Treasure

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Quest for the Führer’s Treasure

Lunghezza: 379 pagine6 ore


Near the end of World War II Nazi leadership had a secret plan to smuggle Hitler through Allied shipping lanes in a type twenty-one super submarine bound for Argentina. According to the plan, also on board would be a fabulous treasure, the "Führer’s Treasure". In the carnage of Germany’s fall, the submarine and the treasure just seem to vanish, leaving Hitler behind.
Modern-day Nazis want the treasure back, but they are fresh out of leads. The only thing left was to capture and torture Coyle Eldridge, the captain's remaining heir until he coughed up the gold. They just don’t know where he is.
Coyle was completely unaware of the treasure, or that anyone was looking for him. Since they planned to torture him and his family until he gave them the treasure, Coyle had a real problem.
Relentlessly pursued by modern Nazis, a drug cartel, and various government agencies, Coyle began to realize that his parents and grandparents were not who he thought they were. Together with his sister and a mysterious ex-CIA agent named Bill, he was forced to go on a quest for the Führer’s treasure. If he doesn't find it, they all die.
The Quest of the Führer's Treasure is written in English. A few passages are in Spanish and German to enhance the story, but it is designed that no knowledge of those languages is needed or is advantageous to understand the content.
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