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Caribbean Deep

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Caribbean Deep

Lunghezza: 312 pagine4 ore


Caribbean Deep is the second novel in the Caribbean series featuring Richard Turpin, Willie Jones and Pete Macalister.
Having spent a successful week sport fishing aboard their boat Mordred in the northern Windward Islands, the men are voyaging home across the Anegada Passage when they stop to investigate a faint light in the water. The light is attached to a lifejacket wrapped around a naked girl.
Having pulled the girl from the water, they take her below where they learn she has been tortured and brutalized by human traffickers and escaped by throwing herself overboard.
Fearing for the girl’s life, Turpin radios for medical assistance. His call is answered by a ship carrying a doctor. As the two vessels converge, Mordred is blown apart by gunfire and sinks.
The men survive and trace the ship to Puerto Rico, where they confront the traffickers in a running battle through the streets of Old San Juan, resulting in the death of a young police officer.
Tracked down by a covert law enforcement agency charged with eliminating human trafficking and the horrors of the modern-day slave trade, Turpin and Jones are offered a chance of redemption: Go undercover on the next ship carrying a human cargo bound for America ...

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