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Gluten Free Recipes: Gluten Free Diet and Gluten Free Vegan

Gluten Free Recipes: Gluten Free Diet and Gluten Free Vegan

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Gluten Free Recipes: Gluten Free Diet and Gluten Free Vegan

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May 15, 2017


Gluten Free Recipes: Gluten Free Diet and Gluten Free Vegan The Gluten Free Recipes book contains two different gluten free diet plans with the Gluten Free Vegan and the Gluten Free Cookbook. Each of the diet plans features one vital thing in common, that the recipes are all gluten free. The vegan section offers choices for vegans and vegetarians and the gluten free cookbook offers recipes for those who enjoy eating meat as well. If you have a gluten allergy or intolerance, you will have a selection of good recipes readily available in the Gluten Free Recipes book.
May 15, 2017

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Gluten Free Recipes - Paula Patterson


Gluten Free Recipes

Gluten Free Diet and Gluten Free Vegan

Paula Patterson and Jacqueline Moore

Copyright © 2013 Paula Patterson and Jacqueline Moore

All rights reserved.


You purchased this book because you wish to go or continue to eat a gluten free diet. This book contains two sections that cover gluten free dieting, one section is for the vegan and vegetarian, and the other is for those who wish to eat meat with their gluten free diet. Whichever side you are on you can probably find recipes on each section you can enjoy. Dieting success is more than just changing what you eat. If you wish to have complete success, you need to turn it into a complete lifestyle change. In this introduction, you will discover what it takes to make a complete lifestyle change, which includes the gluten free diets.

The human body is remarkable in how it can take the foods we eat and pull the nutrients we need from those foods. Those nutrients then work on strengthening our body where it needs to be. Anti-oxidants, strengthen the immune system. Protein helps to give us energy. It all works together. Many health ailments start with a treatment plan of diet and exercise change. If you wish to go very healthy with the gluten free diet, then prepare it to be a success.

If you have bad habits that are bad for your health see about breaking them, even if you have to seek medical advice with your health care provider. If you truly want to be healthy, you need to let those bad habits go and replace them with good habits. For the sake of this book, we will discuss bad habits in dieting. If you are addicted to junk foods then you need to wean yourself from those. If you do not wean from those, you will have some big cravings as you jump into the gluten free diets. People often fail at diets because they give into the addiction instead of weaning from it first.

Wean from the junk foods first. It takes three good weeks to break a habit and three weeks to establish a habit. What you will be doing here is breaking one habit and replacing it with another good one. Make a list of all the junk foods you eat and how often. Either start by taking one of junk food items and replacing it with a piece of fruit, some nuts, or prepare one of the snack and dessert recipes within this book. Replace it and do this for about 5 days. Move on to the next item on your list and do likewise, replacing the junk food with a healthy food ever three to five days. Draw this process out over a three week time frame to make it stick. By the time, you reach the third week the junk food bad habit will be a memory and you will be able to focus on your new gluten free diet plan without the bad cravings.

Another thing you can do to make the gluten free diet a success is to get plenty of exercise. Exercising the body is very beneficial as it helps to keep the body in motion; it makes it easier to be physically active. Even though you may not want to get up and get to moving, once you do a remarkable thing occurs. The body will actually crave more of it. Exercise will help to boost the metabolism. If the metabolism is high enough the body will be able to burn off excessive fat and calories while resting. This only occurs if the body receives regular exercise. Another side benefit of exercise are endorphins. The body releases this substance during heightened physical activity. If you are giving yourself a good work out your body will release this. It makes you feel better, a natural sort of high. It helps to fight off depression too.

Exercise does not have to happen daily, it will work well if you do it just three times a week for 30 minutes at a time. It does not even have to be a strenuous work out. It can be as simple as swimming laps in a pool, walking, or jogging. You can join a gym and lift weights, or take an aerobics class, or purchase a DVD of your favorite celebrity giving a work out. The key to success is to keep at it. Exercise and dieting go hand in hand.

Other things you can do that will help with the gluten free diet are to take good care of yourself. You are going to do this by breaking your bad habits and incorporating exercise into your week. You also need to make sure to get plenty of rest. Getting enough sleep each night is vital to your well-being. Your body will be able to digest the foods you eat better if it is well rested. Try to take breaks throughout the day too, just to give yourself a few minutes of relaxation for your body and your mind.

Remember to drink your water. The saying goes to drink 8 cups of water a day, but in reality, you need to drink according to your body weight. The more you weigh the more water you need. The less you weigh the less water you need. Take your weight in pounds and divide it by 2. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, divided by 2 is 75. You need to drink 75 ounces of water a day. If you do a workout during the day, add another 12 ounces of water to that number to replenish

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