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A Meeting with the Federation

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The Twin Suns system young warriors were learning to use the new technology they had found. Their numbers were expanding and with the alliance between the Triskelia and the Cawte. Expectations were high that common ground could be established between the two species. The decision by the new Warrior Council was to leave their home and move as quickly as possible to the new worlds in orbit around the smaller of the two suns. To this end, the students were called upon to provide the knowledge necessary to move the populations off the planet along with all life forms.
However, the new Federation had problems of its own that affected how the Twins Suns system was going survive. Several factions tried to establish control of the Federation. Their struggle led to their indecisiveness to support the Twin Suns system in its attempt to relocate to their new worlds. In addition, their disbelief that Monroe was going to return led them to believe that they did not need to worry about an alliance with the system.

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