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Laughing in the Midst of Mothering: Finding Joy in Being a Mom

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Laughing in the Midst of Mothering: Finding Joy in Being a Mom

Lunghezza: 117 pagine1 ora


Share a moment of laughter with Linda Crosby as she provides a dose of humor in a powerful devotional for mothers encouraging them to take great pleasure in rearing the children God placed in their care.Mothers with children of all ages will benefit from taking a moment from the daily routine to have personal time and read a short devotional to which they can relate. Each woman will appreciate the stories shared proving she is not alone in the challenges of mothering. She will also receive an injection of joy upon realizing it is best to make the choice to laugh and see the humor present in her daily life. This book provides: understanding that the attitude of mom is crucial to the happiness in the home, specific examples of positive parenting skills, great ideas to implement fun in the home, and a wide range of practical tips with biblical application. Mothers will be drawn closer to God and her family through Linda's book.
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