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Vicksburg: Town and Country

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Vicksburg: Town and Country

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Though best known for the forty-seven-day siege many think sealed the fate of the Confederacy, Vicksburg, Mississippi boasts several claims to fame. Located near the site of the first European settlement in the state, Vicksburg is also the first place in America where Coca-Cola was bottled and home to such historic figures as Jefferson Davis and Madam C.J. Walker. Within these pages, Vicksburg and its environs are explored and celebrated through the eyes of late-nineteenth- and twentieth-century photographers. From downtown street scenes to pastoral rural landscapes, Vicksburg: Town and Country is a compilation of photographs from 1870 to the present day. Coupled with informative captions,
each image is a slice of history and a unique treasure for anyone seeking to understand the past. Born of the river, Vicksburg is a modern, bustling port and the scene of the best-marked battlefield
in the world, the Vicksburg National Military Park. From soldiers to scientists, merchants to educators, a colorful cast of characters has shaped the history of Vicksburg. City dwellers and rural residents alike are a part of this fascinating visual journey.
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