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Dorchester: Volume II

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Dorchester: Volume II

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In Dorchester Volume II, local author Anthony Mitchell Sammarco continues his detailed look at this diverse town that he began in Volume I, which the Boston Globe hailed as a best-seller. Founded in 1630 by Puritans, Dorchester has experienced spectacular growth over the last few centuries; the Old Colony Railroad and later the Red Line provided
impetus for the quick development of this streetcar suburb. From a town of twelve thousand residents in 1870, when it was annexed to the city of Boston, to one hundred thousand at the turn of the century, Dorchester became home to a quarter of a million people by 1930. The development of the town in the period from 1870 to 1920 saw architects, builders, and residents all working to create a pleasant place to live and work. Dorchester s evolution from a farming community to a vibrant, buzzing town can be seen in the unique form of American architecture developed in Dorchester the three decker, built between the 1890s and World War II, and popular among people of all classes and economic means. The influx of immigrants from countries around the world has given Dorchester a diverse and colorful character, which is the source of pride for many of its residents.
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