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Wine: Guidance in Mixology, Pairing & Enjoying Life’s Finer Things

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The illustrious beverage, Wine. What can be said about this alcohol that hasn't been said before? There are numerous books on the subject. Too many to count... What does this book offer that others don’t? A little bit of everything! We describe the legal standards of wine in Europe and the United states. We explain flavor profiles, production methods of still and sparkling wine and regions. We tell you how to serve wine in a formal restaurant setting and the best ways to store it. From ideal serving temperatures of various wines to describing what exactly fortified wines are, we explain in greater details than all the others. This one book will give you more knowledge than any other on a huge variety of topics within the subject. Some books may cover regions and some may cover service. We cover it all, from pairing with food to flavor profiles. You’ll learn it all. From reading this book that covers so many subjects, you’ll get a full range of information. By all means, please read other books on wine. Here we’ll give a deep & thorough understanding of the subject allowing you to investigate which topics you want to learn about more at a later date. But by reading this book alone, it will give you more understanding than you would think possible. Written is a clear, concise yet not too technical way. Now sit back, relax and that open that bottle of bubbly. Its Ok, we’ll show you how to open that bottle too!

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