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Hitler’s Last Gasp

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Hitler’s Last Gasp

Lunghezza: 219 pagine3 ore


A weapon that could kill millions of Americans is in deadly hands: Nazi hands. SS officers have hijacked a German Navy U-boat to secretly transport Hitler’s "Miracle Weapon" to Cuban waters, where it would be launched with the intent of crushing the United States and forcing its retreat from the war. What is this Miracle Weapon? Germ warfare. It would be inescapable. But U-boat skipper Hans Brinker will not allow the despised SS officers to use his beloved submarine and its crew for the murder of millions of innocents! As the U-boat makes its way toward its sinister goal, the German sailors launch a coup against the SS officers, presumably killing them all. As they celebrate, they are suddenly poisoned by a Nazi booby-trap!

The poisoned sailors die, and with no one left to man the U-boat, it sinks. Skipper Brinker is the only survivor. Now he must join forces with an American intelligence officer, Erik Svenson,to eliminate the still looming threat of germ warfare. Containers carrying deadly viruses designed for America are intact on the ocean floor and pose a grave danger. SS Standartenfuhrer Albert Krantz has survived the coup. He is relentless in his determination to see his Fuhrer’s vision of Germany as a world power realized, and he is on his way to recover his Miracle Weapon.

This suspenseful story offers the varying perspectives of those involved in the creating and destroying of Hitler’s Miracle Weapon: from the German skipper whose boat carries the weapon, to the Norwegian-American tasked with destroying it, to the SS officer determined to recover and launch it. The fate of the world hangs in the balance...

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