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Listening, Learning and Work

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Listening, Learning and Work

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Being hard of hearing at work can make life hard especially for those with hearing loss as well as those they work with. This book explores the experiences of having hearing loss and what can be done to create a more productive work environment. It focuses especially on the experiences of indigenous Australians who, like many other indigenous people around the world have higher incidences of hearing loss that result from childhood middle ear disease.

* Provides tools for identifying those who suffer from hearing loss.

Many people with mild hearing problems that began in childhood do not recognize that they hear differently from others.

* Explains the processes that contribute to for higher levels of anxiety at work often experienced by people with hearing loss.

* Provides strategies for improving work performance and minimizing interpersonal difficulties and stress in the work environment.

This book is essential reading for human resource managers, supervisors, working counselors and all those who need to resolve workplace issues that are often contributed to by hearing loss effects. It is a resource that will benefit many professionals who are training to improve work outcomes for this neglected and often invisible group of workers.

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