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Cook Easy, Eat Healthy, Be Happy!!!

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Cook Easy, Eat Healthy, Be Happy!!!

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As we go along on our road in life, sometimes we seem to forget things. We don't pay attention or we think they are not important.
We are running around to do our job, want to build carrier, earn more money, achieve goals and impress others. Somehow we think because we are part of a system, we are entitled for our health. We do everything but forget to take care of our body. Then if we have a medical problem, we are surprised. It is time to wake up and take responsibility for our life.
Our body needs energy, minerals, amino acids and vitamins. In other words macro and micro nutrients. We need energy but what we really need is clean energy.
We make choices every day, like we save money on food, then we spend it on cigarettes and canned sodas or on alcohol. We make the choices, then we look for excuses. At least some of us do it or did it.
With this book we want to give ideas for people who decide to give up on excuses and take responsibility, or those whom already live a healthy life, just looking for new ideas. New ideas which can save time and money. If you think you recognize yourself among these two groups above, than you are reading the right book.
We would like to let you know that a portion of the author`s proceeds go to charity. We are waiting for ideas, where the charity is most needed.
We wish you a happy cooking!

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