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How To Make Body Scrubs (Skin Care Guides, #3)

How To Make Body Scrubs (Skin Care Guides, #3)

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How To Make Body Scrubs (Skin Care Guides, #3)

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Feb 23, 2015


Learn How To Make Homemade Lotion

With this book you will learn:

1. How To Make Homemade Lotion For Beginners
2. Safety Precautions for Making Face & Body Lotion
3. Allergy Concerns While Making Face & Body Lotion Recipes
4. How to Add Color & Scent to Your Face & Body Lotion
5. Storing Face & Body Lotion the Correct Way
6. This Book Also Includes 14+ Face & Body Lotion Recipes You Can Make and Use Right Away!

Get Started Making Lovely Face & Body Lotion Today!

Feb 23, 2015

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How To Make Body Scrubs (Skin Care Guides, #3) - Sharon Hall


Chapter 1: Introduction To Body Scrubs

Beauty regimes for the face and body are very essential to your health. While many people take these routines lightly, a beauty regime put together using healthy ingredients, keeping in mind the skin type and condition, is essential for every woman.

The body scrubs we talk about here will be completely homemade with natural ingredients that are proven to be gentle on the skin. The first two chapters will give you an introduction to scrubs and skin types. The Dos and Don’ts will be discussed to make sure you find a home-run beauty regime a blessing instead of a hassle! One of the most important considerations while making homemade scrubs is the ingredients.

What Is A Body Scrub?

A body scrub is to the body, what a facial is to a face. Body scrubs are a widely used spa treatment product that is used to exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Thinking of a body scrub as a treatment wouldn’t be incorrect because it is used on the body whenever it appears to be too dry, dull or has simply lost its supple texture.

What exactly does a body scrub do? A Body Scrub is used to stimulate skin cells and rub away dead ones. Hence, the materials used for a scrub are usually abrasives in nature, i.e. those that can create friction and be used for rubbing. The most common abrasive materials in a body scrub are salt, pecan hulls and rice bran. These substances are used in a specific quantity and are mixed with various other ingredients that add softness and shine.

Every salon and spa has at least one type of body scrub on the list of their services. Since these scrubs have become quite famous as a means of relaxation, People who visit spas often opt for a body scrub from time to time.

Body scrubs have made the leap from only being salon and spa products to ones that are available on retail shelves at drug stores, beauty shops and pharmacies as well. However, not everyone relies on the efficacy of beauty products made with lots of chemicals, preservatives and artificial flavors and colors. For them, anything created for the beauty of the face or the body should be natural and as close to being free from processed materials as possible.

If you are one of those people who would love to have a relaxing body scrub treatment, but are either too shy to visit a spa or too wary of the on-the-shelf scrubs available in

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