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The Perfect Circle

The Perfect Circle

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The Perfect Circle

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Feb 16, 2015


The Perfect Circle by Tony Sadgrove

The Perfect Circle begins at the end and becomes the means to that end. In the early hours of one morning, the scientific showpiece, a massive state of the art research and demonstration centre, is obliterated by a fireball, taking Blyth Adamec, its founding head, with it. An enquiry is commissioned to explain this catastrophe.

Many years prior, a young metallurgist began to look for ways to improve the precision engineering of bores in metal. He turned to sub-atomic particle physics for a solution and discovered that by using intense electromagnetism operating at near absolute zero, he was able to reverse the spin of a target proton for a nanosecond. This discovery, when applied to other technologies changed the planet's way of life culminating in the abolition of war and nation state. The ramifications across the broad spectrum of civilization are discussed in the body of the novel as well as in section entitled 'Vignettes'.

The central thrust of the novel is on the application of this, and late developments, on the exploration of the universe. Controlled superluminary speeds are attained at the sub-atomic level which enables the scientists to cross vast distances in short time frames. This technique, the Clarion stream, is a stream of particles that have been doped to enable the collection and transmission of data. Even the most distant regions of the universe are accessible with the information only taking a year or so to be received.

This data is processed using a new technology called Visual Reconstruction. Three dimension, full colour, high definition images are converted into holograms and spectacular shows of stars, pulsars, supernovas and other phenomena are realised.

On one of these Clarion stream probes, an artificial construction is encountered. It is Voyager which had left its host solar system and was drifting in deep space. It is investigated in detail, its gold disc decoded, and its faint signal detected. This signal is boosted and traced back to its origin: Earth.

The Clarion stream is modified and two-way communication is established. At first it is sporadic and unreliable. Earth, and the other planet called 'Globe', receive each others data bases and begin to analyse the information. In the meantime, Globe designs and installs a more reliable system. Clone holograms are positioned in identical orbits and instant transmission of sound and vision become possible. A full scale joint live production launches this permanent link.

Blyth, however, was becoming dissatisfied with her administrative role and decides to initiate new research. She adapts VRT for use in forensics and microbiology. Crime scenes are reconstructed in hologram form using historical organic evidence; cellular, even neural activity can be viewed and manipulated in real time. One project she keeps to herself. She decides to test one of the basic law of physics: what would happen if a minute amount of matter, a doped proton, could leave the universe and enter the beyond. Her final experiment results in the destructive fireball and it is left to the enquiry panel to decipher what little information they could gather. Their conclusion is that she had, by accident, triggered a massive surge of energy which had fed back along the Clarion stream with destructive force.

Her successor was not so sure about these findings and was able to decode her encrypted password and access her most private scientific records. What he found that she had acted in a deliberate way, fully aware of the possible consequences. She had triggered a new 'Big Bang'; the birth of a new universe, and by so doing, condemned her own to entropic decay.

Feb 16, 2015

Informazioni sull'autore

born London, UK 1951 migrated to Australia 1969 graduated B.A. (Hons) University of Tasmania 1973 graduated Dip.Ed. Monash University 1974 Secondary School Teacher (English, History, Politics) 1975-1984 Employed in Computer manufacturing, Building Industry, Disability Services Self Employed Property Developer, Internet financing, Small business consultancy After gaining his qualifications (majors in English and History), Tony taught in secondary schools for ten years. Deciding that it was about time he left school, he spent time in various industries including property development and computer manufacturing before leaving the work force to establish an on-line business from home. During this time he has written many pieces of poetry, short stories and novels of which AD29 is one. He has already begun work on a SF/ historical novel entitled 'LIES'. He is unpublished

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The Perfect Circle - Tony Sadgrove




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Copyright © 2013, Tony Sadgrove

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored, or transmitted by any means—whether auditory, graphic, mechanical, or electronic—without written permission of both publisher and author. Unauthorized reproduction of any part of this work is illegal and is punishable by law.

ISBN: 978-1-326-16807-0

please note:

please note:

some passages are transcribed in translation. there may be some slight discrepancies in meaning. this does not affect the narrative


this account does not attempt to explain the intimate details of the scientific processes referred to. Full supportive evidence is available on the interweb



Oh my God

Until yesterday, Dr Blyth Adamec, the inventor of visual reconstruction, had been head of the Clarion project. She was now dead. Three security guards also perished. Until yesterday, the centre of astronomical excellence had been the most advanced facility in history. It was now an immense crater, still smoking and filling with water. At precisely 1.43.29.a.m. that morning, a massive power surge, the like of which had never been recorded, had vaporised the showpiece complex leaving nothing but emptiness. Cataclysmic was an understatement and the commission of enquiry, convened within hours of the event, began the task of trying to explain the inexplicable.

What was understood, however, was that the Clarion project and visual reconstruction had come to an abrupt and terminal conclusion.

Later that same post Apocalypse day, scientists in distant locations, all of whom had been linked by an electronic umbilical connection to the now gone Centre, began to encounter some disturbing readings from deep space. There had been a dramatic reversal of energy patterns. The evidence started to point to a rapid entropy of the known universe. With their major research facility destroyed, the task fell to them to explain what had caused the explosion; was the universe collapsing; and was there any link between these two coincidental events.

*    *    *

Fifteen men and

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