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Please Let Me Stay: Dupont, #3

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Please Let Me Stay: Dupont, #3

Lunghezza: 217 pagine4 ore


Libby thought she had escaped the clutches of her sadistic ex-boyfriend when she was abandoned in Dupont. The townsfolk welcomed her with open arms, and she integrated into small town life flawlessly. 
But the past always has a way of hunting you down.
When Libby's ex and his entourage locate her, they threaten to drag her away from her new life and hard-fought freedom. But for once, she doesn't go quietly.
Now, she has something for fighting for.
And fight she will.
Libby doesn't know if she'll ever escape the suffocating hold he has on her, but she knows her only choice is to push him to the edge...
And hope to hell he doesn't bring her down with him.

(Recommended for readers 18+ due to graphic language and adult situations.)

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