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Introduction to Growing Roses: Roses for Pleasure

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Introduction to Growing Roses: Roses for Pleasure

Lunghezza: 72 pagine21 minuti


Table of Contents

Introduction to Growing Roses
How To Grow Roses
Types and Varieties of Roses
Preparation of the Soil
Why Stake Your Roses
Organic Manure for Roses
Pruning Your Roses
First pruning
Hard pruning.
Subsequent Pruning –
Other Types of Roses
Climbing HTs
Rose Standards
Weeping Standards
General Management of Rose Plants
Disbudding Roses
Rose Pests and Diseases
How to Make Rose Water
How to Make a Rose Potpourri
Author Bio


I was just wondering why gardeners are so fascinated by roses, that they want some rose shrubs in their garden. Well, there is historical and mythological precedent for the popularity of roses.
In ancient and classical times, the rose was considered to be a symbol of love and Aphrodite was always seen surrounded by roses in her temples. Red and pink in Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Romanian and Portuguese is always symbolized with the word “rose”.

Many countries, like England, USA and Catalonia and cities like Islamabad, Alberta, Oregon, and states like New York, and Iowa consider the rose to be their official or unofficial symbol.

As hybridization of roses is an easy process, 160 species grew up into 6000 species of roses of cultivars and hybrids in the famous Malmaison gardens of the Empress Josephine in the 1800s. Even during wartime, her gardeners were allowed to travel anywhere when on rose duty.

Since ancient times, roses were used not only to beautify gardens, but also used in cooking and in beauty treatments. Rose oil, and rose petals were used as essential oils to beautify oneself, by almost everybody in ancient civilizations.
This book is for all those experienced gardeners, and even newbies who want to know all about growing roses easily in your garden.

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