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Rot That Stuff!: Learning How to Compost Organically

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Rot That Stuff!: Learning How to Compost Organically

Lunghezza: 81 pagine29 minuti


Table of Contents

Natural Manure
Types of Fertilizers
Farmyard Manure
Compost Heaps
How to Make a Compost Heap
Traditional Bin Method
Open Heap
Testing for “Compost – Ripeness”
Organic Manure for Making Compost
Poultry Manure
Using Barnyard Produce for Making Compost
Fish Manure
Peat and Sedge Peat
Other Natural Manure Substitutes
Leaf Compost
How to Make Leaf Compost
Earthworms Are a Gardeners’ Best Friend
Green Manures
Author Bio


Ages ago, when nobody knew anything about artificial fertilizers, gardeners knew one natural truth – natural products from the land when plowed back to the land made the soil richer and more productive. That is why the wise men of many ancient civilizations decided that the best way in which to get to gardeners and farmers to use healthy cultivating processes with a scientific basis was to make the ritual of it.

That is why in ancient times, the sowing Festival was a yearly tradition. Before that the land had to be prepared. This preparation time could be anywhere between 3 to 5 months beforehand. It had to be dug up and the soil made crumbly and friable. Weeds and big rocks had to be removed from the land. And after that, the land had to be fertilized with organic manure. This manure could either be fish manure, cattle manure or poultry manure.

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