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How Painters Were Able to Win Naval Commanders

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How Painters Were Able to Win Naval Commanders

Lunghezza: 42 pagine27 minuti


What are the relations between the state and its army? Reasonable person would say that the army is in the service of civil society. But in some places it happens vice versa: the army sets the rules of life for ordinary citizens. I know a very nice city with unique sea coves and magnificent ancient architecture. Many years ago navy selected the City for place of permanent residence. This Navy so likes City that he doesn't want to leave it. He put his ships with thousands of tons of explosives into the picturesque bay of City.
In terms of military strategy it will be advantageous if Navy will leave the city to place in the sea deserted bays. But Navy likes comfort and attention. Any sailor is interested in watching beautiful girls on the city's waterfront than to admire the sunset from a desert island. A sailor, getting off his ship, immediately get at the center of City with its boutiques and restaurants.
But City is choking with the military neighbor. He can not build beaches for children in his unique bays. He can not invite foreign investors to set up a modern production.
What can City do and how to change the thinking of military commanders? I tell about this in my novel. To accompany the text I drew seven humorous illustrations. Have a nice reading!

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