The Dollar Dance

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The Dollar Dance

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Gulf Coast + honeymoon + casino = catastrophe! Cooper Rolden never imagined that things would go terribly wrong on the final night of his honeymoon. The young couple visit the nearby casinos in Mississippi, and, by the end of the evening, Cooper’s money is in the coffers of the casino and his young wife is dead.

That night, in the same vicinity, the iniquitous son of the governor is murdered. The Biloxi police, hoping to close the investigation quickly, charge a troubled teen with the violent crime. The arrest of the young black man aggravates the struggle between the wealthy society of the Gulf Coast – benefitting from the construction of casinos and condominium communities – and the large disillusioned indigent population.

Eventually, three divergent individuals converge on the truth: Cooper, who is convinced that his wife’s death was not an accident; Sandra Hawkins, partner in a local law firm and political aspirant, who defends the accused despite the harm it could do to her career; and Alabama State Deputy Robert Kurt, whose unsettled past crashes unexpectedly into his investigation. The story they uncover, which contradicts the one offered by local authorities, could get them all killed.

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