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Dukan Diet: The Ultimate Dukan Diet Plan: Dukan Diet Cookbook And Dukan Diet Recipes

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 Dukan Diet: The Ultimate Dukan Diet Plan and Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet

Many overweight people struggle in finding the right dietary approach that will help them lose weight and achieve a slimmer figure. Most often, they land to one of those “quick fix” diet programs that allow them to lose weight and keep it off only for a few months time. That is indeed frustrating. Imagine successfully losing weight after putting yourself through an exhausting diet program for months, but gain back every pound you lost just after a short time.

The Dukan Diet is an innovative and easy-to-follow weight loss approach designed by French Doctor Pierre Dukan. Around 30 years ago, in his medical practice, Dr Dukan encountered patients that were struggling to lose weight. As he led his patients to weight loss, he discovered that moderating calorie consumption did not exactly lead to success. He then started working on designing a “lifestyle change” that will help people strip off excess weight and at the same time keep it off for life. The result was the Dukan Diet.

The Dukan Diet started gaining attention and recognition in the UK and US when Dr Dukan’s book made it to the bestseller lists and took France by storm. Since then, over 1 million people (and still counting!) have experienced amazing weight loss results in 20 countries. It is time for you to experience the same, and this book will show you how.

This book contains Dukan-approved and appetizing recipes that will surely help you lose excess weight and stay slim and healthy for life!

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn

The 4 Phases
The 100 Dukan-Approved Foods
Attack Phase Recipes
Cruise Phase Recipes
Consolidation Phase Recipes
Stabilization Phase Recipes
Some Tips and Reminders
Much, much more!

The 4 Phases

Phase One: The Attack Phase
This phase is as aggressive as the name implies, and for good reason. The attack phase, also called the Pure Protein or PP phase, immediately brings significant weight loss. In this phase, you immediately tackle those excess body fats by eating any of 68 protein-rich foods that the Dukan Diet allows. This phase helps normalize metabolism, which puts you in an aggressive fat-burning mode. That said, the significant results you get even just within the first days of undergoing the Dukan would help boost your determination to continue losing weight.

Phase Two: The Cruise Phase
In this phase, you will continue to see the scale go down, just not as aggressive as it did in Phase 1 (1 lb every 3 days). The main purpose of this phase is to allow lean muscles to grow while still ensuring that your weight continuously trips down. Cruise phase involves the Protein and Vegetables pattern, besides the Pure Protein.

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