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Acne: Simple Proven Solution To Acne Free Skin

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Acne: Simple Proven Solution To Acne Free Skin: How To Cure Acne For Good And Achieve Lasting Acne Freedom! Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to get rid of your acne even while staying at home and not seeking the help of dermatologists. Many people with acne jump right at the answer to ridding acne for good without understanding first the management and maintenance part. They fail to realize that remedies will never ever solve the problem if they constantly fail to understand how acne appears, develops and worsens.
Through this book, readers are expected to learn not just the do’s but a lot of don’ts as well that actually affect their daily lives such as when applying makeup, cleaning their skin and a lot more.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Debunking Myths about Acne
Following Proper Beauty Regimens
Living a Healthy Lifestyle
Top Acne Remedies
Much, much more!

Debunking Myths about Acne

Clearing acne for good means avoiding bad habits that can aggravate the infection and inflammation; but sometimes, bad habits are not really the problem but the wrong information and ideas about the condition that you get from unverified sources and the media.

There are lots of information that have been passed on from generation to generation that are not scientifically backed at all. They constitute myths that when left uncorrected can make matters worse. Now, before learning the do’s of acne busting, it is perhaps more effective to start the discussion by explaining to you the don’ts by debunking myths because the first step to learning is unlearning.

Myth #1: Scrubbing is the best way to clean the face. Fact: Scrubbing is a good way to hurt your face.When you scrub your body, you remove more dirt and dead skin cells, making your complexion cleaner, clearer and smoother. However, the thickness of the skin elsewhere in the body is far different from the delicate thinness of the skin on the face. This will only create tiny lesions and scars on your face that can actually start a breakout. Worse, if you already have acne breakout, scrubbing may increase the inflammation because the nodules are forced to break.

What is meant by scrubbing?
It refers to the use of washcloth, facecloth and any cleansing scrubs that come with micro-beads and other active cleansing ingredients. The friction caused by using scrubbers can irritate the pore walls and surface tissues, prompting them to inflame even more. You have to literally avoid any form of scrubbing if you want to treat your breakout faster and maintain a clear skin longer.

Micro beads in cleansers can also clog pores, so instead of cleaning them, the beads will stop sebum from going out, causing nodules and pus in the process.

Myth #2: Frequent washing of the face will prevent bacteria from worsening the skin lesions and inflammation. Fact: Frequent washing of the face will make your skin even dryer. Okay, the statement is partially true because bacteria will definitely not thrive on a clean skin surface. Hence, further infection will be prevented.

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