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Instant rock climbing: Tips and techniques for getting to the top

Instant rock climbing: Tips and techniques for getting to the top

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Instant rock climbing: Tips and techniques for getting to the top

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Jan 16, 2012


This handy little guide is packed with tips and techniques for anybody who’s been climbing for a short while and wants to improve their technique. Clearly the best place to practise climbing skills is on a climbing wall or (harnessed securely) on a rock face, but we hope these ideas will give you some tips on what kit to invest in, help you improve your technique next time you climb and simply inspire you to go for it. We can’t promise that reading these ideas will see you climbing ropeless up mountains in the style of Tom Cruise in MI2 (we certainly wouldn’t recommend it) but we do hope you find them entertaining, inspiring and informative. Happy scrambling!
Jan 16, 2012

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  • Lots of new climbers squeeze too hard when they’re on the rock. All this will do is to tighten all the muscles in your arms and shoulders, preventing a fluid climbing motion.

  • The longer the time a climber spends with arms bent instead of straight, the more tired critical pulling muscles become.

  • So the more you regularly stop, the better your climbing technique will become.

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Instant rock climbing - Infinite Ideas


Warming up

Before you actually start out on your climb you need to ensure that your joints and muscles are supple. You need to warm up and stretch before any form of strenuous exercise. So, commit to warming your arms and legs for at least half an hour before commencing the climb. You’ll benefit by feeling better on the rock and being able to climb with more assurance, but you’ll also avoid damage to your muscles and ligaments. Don’t stretch until it hurts and ensure you breathe properly throughout your warm up and stretching. If you want both to avoid injury and become a better climber allow yourself plenty of time to warm up!


Arm and finger stretches

You should stretch your fingers and forearms before every climb. For your fingers you can use a grip exerciser. Hold your grip on this for 6 to 8 seconds at a time; you can do this on the way to your climb to save time. Stretch out and hold your thumb and each finger for 6 to 8 seconds. For your elbow and forearm stretch hold one arm straight in front of you, hold your stretched fingers with your other hand and bend your wrist back. Hold for about ten seconds and repeat three times on each arm. This will help strengthen the tendons in your forearm.


Neck, back and shoulder stretches

Stretch your neck by bending it to one side, then back to the centre, then to the other side, then go front to back. Make sure your neck returns back to the centre before stretching in a new direction. Don’t be tempted to rotate your neck as that can cause vertebrae damage. To stretch your back muscles hold your clenched hands out in front of you, then curl your arms and shoulders forward. Next, stand legs apart and bent a little and lean sideways, stretching the lead arm over your head whilst putting the other hand on your hip or thigh for support. Now, stretch your shoulders by grasping your elbow and pulling your upper arm behind your head, applying some downward pressure. Then hold your arm out in front of you and pull it sideways across your body. Remember to try to hold each stretch for 10 seconds or so.


Lower body stretches

Your stretch your thighs by standing up straight, bending one leg up behind you and holding your ankle to keep in position. To strengthen this exercise gently push your hips forward. To stretch your hamstrings sit down with

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