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How to become a top DJ: An insider’s guide to DJing success

How to become a top DJ: An insider’s guide to DJing success

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How to become a top DJ: An insider’s guide to DJing success

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Sep 24, 2012


The DJ is this era’s rock star. For those interested in how to begin a career as a DJ, How to become a top DJ offers newcomers all the technical know-how needed as well as advice on how to create your own DJing style and how to make DJing work for you. With tips on equipment essentials, such as turntables, slipmats and needles, headphones, and amplifiers, as well as buying records, CDs and MP3s, this practical guide takes you through the basics of mixing, song structure, building a foolproof set, creating a great demo, and what to do when you finally face a live audience.
Sep 24, 2012

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How to become a top DJ - Infinite Ideas

How to Become a top DJ

An insider’s guide to DJing success

Infinite Ideas


The rave scene is big. DJ Fresh, Sub Focus, Pendulum, Flux Pavilion, Doctor P and Magnetic Man are just a few examples of electronic producers and DJs that have made it into the mainstream. Big time. And now, as expected, people want to do what they do. By reading this, we won’t promise to make you a global DJ. We are here to give you some guidance on how to start out.

Mixing and turntablism are skills that take time to pick up and really master. None of the DJs you know, and have heard of, would have learnt what they know after just reading a book. However, we will help you by suggesting the right equipment for producing and mixing, offering advice from some of the top DJs in the drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep scenes, considering ways of self-promotion, how to set up your own successful night and how to get sets in your local town or city. There are also full interviews from young and up and coming DJs such as Loadstar and Dismantle as well as chats with seasoned veterans like Shy FX and N-TYPE. Even if you are not aiming to make it big, it is an expensive hobby and dedication is a must if you want to get results.

At the end of your journey with us you should feel comfortable in the types of decks, mixers and speakers you need and also, for production, what software will suit you best so you don’t feel overwhelmed. I have a lot of friends who are really involved in the rave scene, with successful club nights, songs signed to labels like Fat Boy Slim’s and some given residency at Hospital Records. They have all given input and believe that reading this is a great way of getting started on the road to becoming a successful DJ.

1. Equipment

When buying equipment you need to be brutally honest about deciding what level you are at. There is no point in buying the top brands when you are still a beginner or even intermediate. To complete your set-up you will need turntables (or CDJs), computer software, some sort of audio output, headphones and, depending on how much money you are willing to invest, interfaces for visual aids. This section will give you a rough guide on what you will need depending on your level of skill and the amount of money you have.

Turntables and mixers

Let’s start with the essentials – what you will be mixing with. When it comes to 12-inch turntables there are many brands out there and different ways of getting hold of them. Since the 1970s Technics have been the choice of turntable for most DJs and their SL range is particularly popular with over three million being sold the world over. They use something called a ‘direct drive’ instead of a ‘belt drive’ making them more responsive, accurate and reliable. Direct drives are not essential, especially if you are just starting out, as they are more expensive. Someone at the beginning of their DJ career probably shouldn’t splash out on Technics straight away. One brand that is notorious and highly recommended for beginners is Numark. They do a particularly good deal on their website called ‘DJ in

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