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Nutrition for Children - A no nonsense guide for parents

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Nutrition for Children - A no nonsense guide for parents

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How nice it would be to find a book about children’s nutrition that was written for parents by a parent.

Such a book would be straightforward, easy to understand,
and would not be full of obscure facts and statistics. Written by a father and nutritionist with over five years experience giving lectures on nutrition and health promotion to parents and children of all ages, this is such a book. There is no claim for it to be the most comprehensive ‘text’ on nutrition, but it is written for parents and carers of children who are truly concerned about their health.

Contents include:
Diet and Health – the Basic Building Blocks
Requirements of Pre-School Children
Healthy Eating for School-Aged Children
Physical Activity
Healthy Eating for Adolescents
Reading Food Labels
Healthy Eating – The Balanced Diet
Diabetes – Some Basics

Estimated Average Energy Requirements
Smoothie Recipes
Body Mass Index and Waist to Hip Ratio
Examples of Good Snacking Foods
Glycaemic Index of Selected Foods
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