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Essential Oils Recipe Guide For Health, Wellness & Household Use

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Essential Oils Recipe Guide For Health, Wellness & Household Use

Valutazione: 4.5 stelle su 54.5/5 (3 recensioni)
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Do you have essential oils, but don't know where to start with recipes? This guide provides plenty of recipes using essential oils for health, wellness, household cleaning, your pets, aromatherapy, weight management, and more!

This handbook includes:
- What to use some of the most common essential oils for.
- Information on how to choose which essential oils to use.
- Tips on how to use essential oils.
- Recipes treating illnesses with essential oils with directions for how to use the oils.
- Recipes and ideas for using essential oils for weight loss or management.
- Recipes for using essential oils with your pets.
- Recipes for essential oils aromatherapy.
- So much more!

The great thing about this essential oils guide is that the oils featured in the recipes are not one brand or another, which leaves you to choose the brand you are most comfortable using. This guide does not contain a thinly veiled sales pitch! It is simply useful information for essential oil lovers.

No doubt you will find yourself referring to this handy guide often as you incorporate essential oils into your daily life.

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