How to Stop a Puppy From Chewing

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How to Stop a Puppy From Chewing

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Is your puppy chewing you out of house and home?

Would you like it to stop?

As a former dog breeder who currently helps rescue animals, I know what it is like to have puppies chewing up your kid's toys and your prized furniture. I know what it is like when your precious furbaby discovers the rent money laying on the coffee table, and I know just how to correct this frustratingly destructive behavior.

Within these pages you will find my secret method to stop the most stubborn chewer and restore order to your home.

This book includes:

* How to prepare your home for a puppy
* How and why you should always supervise your puppy
* The safest place to keep your puppy when you are away from home or otherwise unable to watch him
* Why and how exercise will help prevent puppy chewing
* The secret weapon that will stop puppies from chewing your furniture, toys, electric cords...even the dog leash!
If you can no longer afford to allow your puppy’s chewing to destroy your home, this is the one book you can't afford to miss.

Are you ready to stop the destruction?

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