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Mushroom Recipes: 219 Delicious Mushroom Recipes

Mushroom Recipes: 219 Delicious Mushroom Recipes

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Mushroom Recipes: 219 Delicious Mushroom Recipes

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Nov 10, 2014


Mushrooms are very nutritional, low in calories and taste heavenly! The earthy flavors that are released from the mushrooms can transform any bland meal into something satisfying. Not only are mushrooms low in calories, but the niacin in mushrooms is good for the skin too.
This book contains 219 great recipes with mushrooms as the main ingredient. Each of the recipes has easy to follow steps allowing anyone to make and enjoy them in no time at all.


Nov 10, 2014

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Mushroom Recipes - My Ebook Publishing House

Mushroom Recipes

219 Delicious Mushroom Recipes


Published by My Ebook Publishing House at Smashwords

Copyright 2014 My Ebook Publishing House

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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1. Mushrooms with eggs

2. Mushrooms with eggs (II)

3. Mushroom-stuffed eggs

4. Fried eggs with mushrooms

5. Fried eggs with mushroom dressing

6. Mushroom appetizer

7. Mushroom omelet (I)

8. Mushroom omelet (II).

9. Mushroom omelet (III).

10. Pork scraps with mushrooms

11. Eggs in a mushroom nest.

12. Over-baked eggs with spicy mushroom dressing.

13. Wieners with mushrooms

14. Liver pate with mushrooms

15. Mushrooms with gelatin

16. Mayonnaise-stuffed mushrooms

17. Morels with mayonnaise

18. Mushrooms with sour cream.

19. Brain-filled mushrooms

20. Mushroom-stuffed potatoes

21. Bard-stuffed mushrooms

22. Pot mushrooms with truckle cheese.

23. Mushrooms with homemade noodles.

24. Mushrooms with macaroni

25. Fried mushrooms

26. Oven-baked stuffed mushrooms.

27. Grilled mushrooms

28. Mushroom soufflé

29. Weeping boletes/Suillus granulatus with mayonnaise and sour cream

30. Cottage cheese-stuffed mushrooms

31. Ewe’s cheese stuffed mushrooms

32. Meat-stuffed mushrooms

33. Mushrooms on toast.

34. Mushrooms with bard

35. Yufka with Porcini Mushrooms.

36. Mushroom paste

37. Mushroom aspic

38. Mushrooms with olives

39. Mushroom paste with red peppers.

40. Shortened dough with mushrooms (I).

41. Shortened dough with mushrooms (II)

42. Mushroom rolls

43. Mushrooms with cheddar

44. Mushroom dumplings

45. Mushroom croquettes

46. Mushroom cream

47. Mushroom pudding

48. Mushroom-filled crescents

49. Mushrooms pies

50. Pancakes with mushrooms and sour cream

51. Mushroom tarts


52. Mushroom salad with vegetables

53. Mushroom salad

54. Mushroom salad with eggs (I).

55. Mushroom salad with eggs (II)

56. Reddish mushrooms salad

57. Mushrooms salad with onion

58. Porcini mushroom salad

59. Mushroom salad with meat

60. Mushroom salad with garlic sauce

61. Mushrooms à la Grecque

62. Honey mushroom salad with horseradish

63. Potato salad with mushrooms

64. Baked mushroom salad

65. Composite salad

66. Fried mushroom salad

67. Leek salad with mushrooms

68. Vinaigrette

69. Salted mackerel salad with mushrooms

70. Brain salad with mushrooms


71. Mushroom soup with vegetables

72. Mushroom soup with sour cream

73. Mushroom cream soup

74. Dried mushroom soup with sour cream

75. Mushroom soup with noodles

76. Mushroom soup with potatoes

77. Dumpling mushroom soup

78. Mushroom soup

79. Morel soup

80. Tomato soup with mushrooms (I)

81. Tomato soup with mushrooms (II)

82. Beetroot soup with mushrooms

83. Broth (gravy soup) with mushrooms

84. Mushroom soup with rice

85. Dried beans borsch

86. Dock borsch with mushrooms

87. Mushroom borsch

88. Mushrooms borsch with sour cream

89. Orach borsch with mushrooms

90. Mushroom rissoles borsch

91. Mushroom borsch with semolina

92. Russian pottage with mushrooms

93. Dried porcini mushrooms pottage

94. Dried honey mushroom pottage


95. Mushroom roulade

96. Mushroom-stuffed peppers

97. Mushroom-stuffed sweet cabbage rolls

98. Mushroom stew

99. Mushroom mash (I)

100. Mushroom mash (II)

101. Cottage pie with mushrooms

102. Eggplant moussaka with mushrooms

103. Zucchini moussaka with mushrooms

104. Mushroom pilaf

105. Spinach pilaf with mushrooms

106. Sauerkraut rolls

107. Mushrooms with olives

108. Mushroom dish with garlic

109. Mushroom-stuffed kohlrabi

110. Dried porcini mushrooms dish

111. Cottage pie with porcini mushrooms

112. Noodle moussaka with mushrooms

113. Sweet cabbage moussaka with mushrooms

114. Mushrooms with tomatoes

115. Paprika with mushrooms.

116. Dried porcini mushrooms pilaf

117. Bulgarian pilaf with mushrooms

118. Leek dish with mushrooms

119. Mushroom-stuffed eggplants

120. Rice and Porcini mushroom-stuffed Cabbage rolls

121. Macaroni with mushrooms in tomato sauce

122. Peas with mushrooms

123. Mushrooms with butter

124. Mushrooms assorted with butter

125. Mushroom ragout

126. Mushroom puree (I)

127. Mushroom puree (II)

128. Potato roulade with mushrooms

129. Reddish mushrooms with sour cream

130. Shield pink gills with sour cream

131. Baked spinach with mushrooms

132. Baked dumplings with mushrooms

133. Mushroom dumplings with tomato sauce

134. Baked mushrooms

135. Quenched mushrooms

136. Mushrooms with cheese soufflé

137. Baked cauliflower with mushrooms

138. In-salt mushrooms with sour cream.

139. Mushrooms with sour cream (I)

140. Mushrooms with sour cream (II)

141. Mushrooms with butter and sour cream

142. Mushroom veloute

143. Mushrooms with tomatoes

144. Mushrooms in milk sauce

145. Mushrooms rissoles

146. Vienna steaks with mushrooms

147. Marinated rissoles

148. Mushroom-stuffed zucchinis

149. Mushrooms with hot sauce

150. Mushrooms on rice

151. Mushroom tripe rolls

152. Mushroom broth

153. Mushroom sauce

154. Mushroom dish

155. Mushrooms dish

156. Celery dish with mushrooms

157. Macaroni with mushrooms


158. Veal roast with mushrooms

159. Mushrooms with pork

160. Pork stew with mushrooms

161. Mushrooms with beef

162. Reddish mushrooms with beef

163. Chanterelle mushrooms with beef

164. Mushroom-sauce quenched roast

165. Chicken with mushrooms

166. Mushroom-stuffed chicken

167. Porcini mushrooms with beef

168. Oven-baked pork chops with mushrooms

169. Mushroom-stuffed suckling pig

170. Lamb with mushrooms

171. Lamb velouté with mushrooms

172. Mutton shoulder with mushrooms

173. Quail pilaf with mushrooms

174. Partridges with sour cream and mushrooms

175. Mallard meat with mushrooms

176. Mallard with mushrooms and vegetables

177. Woodcock intestines with mushrooms.

178. Mushroom-stuffed Minced meat roulade

179. Mushroom-stuffed tenderloin

180. Chicken pilaf with mushrooms

181. Chicken with tomatoes and mushrooms

182. Chicken with dry mushrooms

183. Chicken with Lurid boletes (Boletus luridus)

184. Chicken broth with mushrooms

185. Chicken with Caesar’s mushrooms (Orange Birch Boletes)

186. Chicken with mushrooms

187. Turkey dish with mushrooms

188. Duckling on quenched mushrooms

189. Gosling with mushrooms sauce

190. Lamb innards with mushrooms

191. Kidney dish with mushrooms

192. Chicken gizzards with peppery milk caps

193. Tongue in mushrooms sauce

194. Tongue with mushrooms and olives

195. Venison and fish with mushrooms

196. Rabbit meat with mushrooms

197. Rabbit with mushrooms and olives

198. Rabbit meat paste with mushrooms

199. Rabbit roast with mushrooms sauce

200. Venison leg with mushrooms

201. Venison chops with mushrooms

202. Wild boar with mushrooms

203. Venison scallop with mushrooms

204. Pheasant roast with marinated mushrooms

205. Carp with mushrooms

206. Mushroom-stuffed carp

207. Carp dish with mushrooms

208. Carp mash with mushrooms

209. Oven-cooked carp with mushrooms

210. Fried carp with mushrooms sauce

211. Zander broth with mushrooms in mayonnaise

212. Catfish dish with mushrooms

213. Catfish with mayonnaise and mushrooms

214. Mushroom-stuffed pike.

215. Boiled flat-fish with marinated mushrooms

216. Fish with mushrooms

217. Oven-cooked fish with mushrooms

218. Fish stew with mushrooms

219. Herring paste with mushrooms


Mushrooms with eggs

500 g of mushrooms, 4 eggs, 1 glass of sour cream, 2 tablespoons of butter, 1 tablespoon of flour, salt, pepper.

The mushrooms are minced and fried in butter, along with the minced onion. When they begin to parch, the flour is sprinkled and quenched with a cup of water. When the mushrooms are boiled, the sour cream, the salt and the pepper are added and left to boil a few more times. The hard-boiled eggs are sliced, placed on a plateau and on top, the mushroom dressing is poured. It is served warm.

Mushrooms with eggs (II)

1 kg of mushrooms, 4 eggs, 1 glass of sour cream, 3 tablespoons of table oil, salt, pepper, dill.

The washed mushrooms are sliced (unless they are small) and fried in 2 tablespoons of hot table oil until they are edible (as applicable, a tablespoon of water is added during frying). Separately, the eggs are beaten,

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