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Golden Acorns

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Golden Acorns

Lunghezza: 310 pagine4 ore


Once again our intrepid heroes, Michael Charles and Buruse ‘Bobby’ Bakka are in harm’s way as they resolve to rescue Bobby’s cousin Ishmael and his family. But this time it won’t be a cakewalk as the Iranian officials are lying in wait. Even with the aid of the ingenious Dr. Bern, multi-billionaire banker from Switzerland and his security team headed by the resourceful Coronel Reeder, our heroes find themselves in dire straits. If the Iranian officials weren’t enough, there is the deadly I.S.I.A. hot on their trail.
Bobby has committed his group to the rescue of not only Ishmael and his family, but the liberation of billions of dollars worth of gold-backed bonds and precious gems, Ishmael’s legacy from his uncle, the former Shah of Iran.
Equally committed is Commandant Azaria of the Iran National Police who allowed Bobby and Michael to escape one time and whose life may depend on preventing a recurrence. It’s an action-packed, suspense-filled thrilling race to the finish, and the devil takes the hindmost.

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