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Sewer Rats

Sewer Rats

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Sewer Rats

3.5/5 (9 valutazioni)
70 pagine
47 minuti
Mar 1, 2006


Every Saturday Jim, Mickey and Lisa battle in paintball wars held in the city’s storm-drain system. The new kid, Carter, wants to join their club, the Sewer Rats. Lisa doesn’t want him in the club. She devises risky tests for him and puts him in the path of danger at every opportunity. But the tunnels under the city are dangerous enough on their own, and soon the kids find themselves trapped and terrified as the tunnels fill with water.
Mar 1, 2006

Informazioni sull'autore

Sigmund Brouwer has written more than 100 books for readers of all ages including the 2015 Arthur Ellis Award-winning novel Dead Man's Switch (Harvest House). He is the author of the Justine McKeen series and the Howling Timberwolves series in the Orca Echoes line. He visits over 150 schools per year, speaking to over 60,000 students. Sigmund lives in Red Deer, Alberta.

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Sewer Rats - Sigmund Brouwer


chapter one

If you ever visit a sewage lagoon, you’ll discover what I did. It only takes one good sniff to know it’s better to be on the outside, looking in. Sewage lagoons are worse than nasty.

Put it this way. Everything you flush down your toilet goes to the sewage lagoon. That should explain enough.

If you think the contents of one flush is bad, imagine all the toilets in your city filling a pond. If you look close—and you don’t want to, trust me—you can even see wads of mushy toilet paper floating in all the brown goop.

Of course, kids aren’t supposed to be near the lagoons. There are high steel-link fences to keep people out. On both sides of the lagoon are holding tanks as big as houses. And between those tanks, walkways with guardrails cross over the lagoons.

The new kid, Carter Saylor, was ready to walk above a sewage pond. He wasn’t going to use the walkway. His plan was to balance on the guardrail with all the brown goopy stuff right below.

I was happy to be on the outside with my friends, Micky and Lisa. We leaned against the fence, and it bent inward with our weight. I had my fingers wrapped around the linked steel. The sun felt good on my back.

He’s nuts, I said. This was so obvious that Micky and Lisa didn’t reply.

Carter pushed off the walkway and onto the rail. He had ragged blond hair almost to his shoulders. He wore black jeans, a black T-shirt and black Nikes.

Carter must want to be a Sewer Rat real bad, Micky said. I never thought he would agree to this.

We weren’t an official club. But we were known as the Sewer Rats, along with a couple of other kids at school. We fought paintball wars against kids from other schools. But we call them tunnel wars, because we have our paintball fights in the huge pipes of the city storm drain system. Micky takes challenges from kids at other schools who have heard about us and sets up each new war. In the six months since we began, we haven’t lost once. It helps that the Sewer Rats know the tunnels better than anyone else.

He’s stupid, Lisa said, staring at Carter. Her voice was angry. Ugly and stupid.

I half turned my head to look at her.

Get your eyes off me, Lisa told me. If I want to think he’s stupid, I can. And I can say it too. Unless you want to make something of it.

I’ve seen Lisa punch guys full in the mouth.

Nope, I said. He might be stupid. But I’m not.

Her frown told me it would also be stupid to ask why she hated the new kid so much. All Carter had done was ask us if he could join the Sewer Rats.

Normally we’d let kids try a tunnel war. If a kid wasn’t scared to be alone in the darkness below the streets, they could join.

But Lisa had told Carter that all Sewer Rats passed a test at the lagoons. This test: sneaking in and walking the guardrail above the toilet stuff below.

Stupid or not, Micky said, watching Carter carefully, you’ve got to admit he’s got guts.

Carter was in plain view on the guardrail. A security guard might notice him any second. His arms were stretched wide as he balanced himself, taking one careful step at a time.

Guts? I hope he gets caught, Lisa said. Or falls in.

Her tone made me wonder if there was something I didn’t know about Lisa and Carter. Maybe Carter had made the mistake of asking her out. Maybe he wanted to join the Sewer Rats because he wanted to impress her. That would have been dumb. Lisa didn’t like guys in that way. Everyone in school knew that. Except for maybe the new kid.

He was now halfway across, walking the guardrail like it was a tightrope.

I thought of the brown toilet stuff in the pond below him. I thought of what might happen if a security guard came by. I started to get a scared feeling in my stomach, a ball of spiders that makes me want to throw up. The same feeling I get every time I go into the tunnels for a paintball war.

Zantor, soldier of the galaxy, I whispered in my head. Zantor has removed all emotion as

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  • (4/5)
    I am reviewing sewer rats by Sigmund Brouwer.I chose this book because it sounded interesting. The cover had a picture of a paintball helment. It was a good book. It was about a kid named Jim who plays paintball with his friend in a sewer. They are undefeated. Then they get a new guy and he gets injured in the first match. Because Jims friend Lisa tells the other team where he is at. She does not like him because her dad is his step dad. So Jim and Mickey get him out of the tunnel and to the hospital. They confront Lisa and she runs into the tunnel. Then it rains really hard and the tunnel floods so Mickey and Jim go in there and helps Lisa get out . Jim is injured helping her and is in a cast. But they do get her out. It kind of met my expactions but not all of it was about paintball but it was good.
  • (5/5)
    This book is one of those books that keeps you reading it makes you not want to put the book down. Its about a few kids from a school that are wondering around in sewers playing paintball. they play other kids from other schools and they win a lot of there games. they think its fun because its so dangerous. i really recomend this book for kids that like guns and like war books..