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How To Start A Record Label Online: Music Business

How To Start A Record Label Online: Music Business

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How To Start A Record Label Online: Music Business

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Oct 20, 2014


How to Start a Record Label Online

For indie musical artists of every kind, there's nothing quite the same as the allure of artistic control. Music labels are notoriously tight-fisted and controlling. They can keep you from enjoying artistic freedom, to say nothing of how they can impinge upon your ability to claim royalties and make money off your own music. Indie labels allow artists the artistic control, freedom, and dignity that they deserve.


Thankfully, creating and releasing your own music label online has never been easier and with this guide to how to start a record label, you can:


Develop Your Label's Concept and Identity


Even before you start to post material for your record label online, you need to have a record label to begin with. That means developing a clear-cut concept for your label's identity, the type of music that you wish to produce, and your target audience


In this book, you'll learn how to nail the basics of indie record label development and branding as well as how to score hits when you post things online. Vital online music business branding tips include:


  • Think about what makes your label special. Why should someone choose to support your label? What type of art do you make or stances do you take that music fans cannot get with other labels, indie or otherwise?
  • What type of musical genres are you targeting? The audience for Taylor Swift is very different than the audience for Kanye West.
  • Buzz is key. Whatever you think about either in their long-standing feud, its very existence has fueled their popularity with fans and their status within their own genres even further. While you may not want to strike such a feuding tone, most attention is good attention and audiences love a good bit of juicy drama.
  • What they love even more, though, is relatability. What truly makes an artist or label last is not getting first-time buyers but loyal, regular followers who come back, buy, and support them time after time. This is a huge aspect of the music industry and this book can teach you how to craft an image and concept with broad appeal while still feeling authentic and relatable.

Develop an Online Presence

The revolution may be televised and it will definitely be Tweeted. An effective online presence is essential for music labels, especially indie online labels.

Among music industry books, this is one of the best when it comes to analyzing strategies for developing and increasing your online presence, such as:

  • SEO strategies for indie music labels for attracting views and clicks
  • How to convert those clicks into sales
  • The ins and outs of online distribution
  • Effective social media music label marketing strategies
  • How to build a loyal social media following
  • The metrics to pay attention to in order to measure and boost online exposure
  • How to translate an online presence into real-world success

You're online right now.  And so is your future


The dream of owning your own indie music label is closer than ever before. With this guide to indie label creation, you can create the next great music sensation online a smarter, savvier way.

Oct 20, 2014

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Music industry professional, former radio producer, music producer, music publisher, sound engineer, DJ, and instructor. Granted permanent member by SACEM in 2014 for accomplishment in the music industry. I also hold a master's certificate in the music business at the Berklee College Of Music. During my career, I launched many music ventures and started to teach online. I am Co-founder and CEO of a successful marketing agency in Pasadena, CA.

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How To Start A Record Label Online - Thomas Ferriere

Start an Online Record label

Steps, Insights and Strategies

© Copyright 2014 by Music Marketing Rescue All rights reserved.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Setting Up The Business

Home Base Vs. Office Rent

Business Form; Llc Or Dba

Sound Recording Copyright

Create A Website For Indie Record Label

How Record Labels Get Music Royalties With Soundexchange

Chapter 2: Seeking For Artists

Where To Look For Artists

Preparing Contracts

Sign Contract Online

Chapter 3: Make The Record

Recording Funds

Funding The Recording With Crowdfunding

Outsourcing Mastering Online

Cd Artwork

Photo Shooting

Chapter 4: Distribution

Online Distribution





Chapter 5: 14 Music Marketing Tips For Indie Record Labels

1. Build A Brand

2. Understand Your Audience

3. Use Email Marketing

4. Take Advantage Of Social Media Marketing

5. Set (And Stick To) A Release Schedule

6. Focus On Quality

7. Develop An Offline Ground Game

8. Harness Youtube And The Power Of Music Videos

9. Get A Little Help From The Right Friends

10. Press Release

11. Electronic Press Kit  And One Sheet

12. Topspin

13. Blogs Review

14. Soundcloud

Chapter 6: Merchandising

Types Of Merchandise

Sell Merch Online

Sell Merch On Live Touring

Chapter 7: Create A Star

Make The Buzz Online

How To Build A Faithful Fanbase For Indie Record Label




want to thank you and congratulate you for buying this book, Start a record label online.

The music industry is at a crossroads. On the one hand, with new mediums challenging their monopoly, major music labels aren’t what they once were. On the other hand, the rise of iTunes, YouTube, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, and other digital media sharing mediums has helped democratize the music industry, helping more people get their music out unimpeded by the record industry.

Between those two extremes lie indie labels. The technology and means for creating your own indie label are more affordable and accessible than ever before. Add to that the aura of true

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