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A Neater Way of Cooking

A Neater Way of Cooking

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A Neater Way of Cooking

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Oct 13, 2014


A neater way of Cooking is a healthy alternative way to prepare fresh foods and it will also lead you on your journey to a self-loving lifestyle. By making a commitment to your body to only eat the foods that contain fresh vegetables, meats, eggs, nuts and fruit, you will begin to feel vital and your body will return to its natural size and shape. This recipe book contains simple everyday meals and snacks for the home cook with the focus on full flavour, avoiding ingredients that are difficult for your body to digest. The step by step, full colour picture recipes are easy to follow and will have you making tasty sauces and condiments to flavour your meals. Your body will thank you and you will begin to feel more awareness, which will support your continued journey with food. How do I know this works? Because my family, friends and I live it everyday!! Hopefully this will be YOUR inspiration to cook YOUR WAY!!
Oct 13, 2014

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A Neater Way of Cooking - Anita Stanfield



Is this just another cookbook or can this cookbook support you to feel what to eat that is right for you?

Welcome to A neater way of cooking.

My name is Anita Stanfield and the purpose of this cookbook is to assist you in the transition to eating GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, SUGAR FREE, PRESERVATIVE FREE, YEAST FREE, VINEGAR AND ALCOHOL FREE.

The recipes that are called ‘A neater’ are adapted from popular recipes that may contain some of the ingredients that were mentioned above and it also implies this is my recipe version.

You may be wondering what can you eat, why eat this way and how do youcook without these foods. Just think fresh meats, seafood, eggs, vegetables, nuts and fruits which are flavoured with spices, herbs and natural sugars. The purpose of only eating fresh ingredients is to avoid processed foods so your body can digest your food easily. As time goes on you will understand and feel the effects that various processed foods have on your body. Through my experience and of others that I have witnessed, we have found amazing benefits by eating only fresh ingredients. We have more vitality, more energy, a stronger immunity and best of all, more inner strength than we ever did.

Currently our society offers a vast array of commercially packaged and fast foods which are consumed because they are easily accessible. Life seems so busy and we have little time to prepare and cook our meals. Do we know what we are eating? The labels are confusing and show words and numbers that the majority of us don’t understand. We are eating foods that aren’t real food and it appears we have lost some ability to feel what we need to eat. Our body knows what we need to eat but this has been suppressed by eating the wrong foods.

To help you understand the process, I feel it is important to give you an insight into my journey.

Around 2006, I started noticing that I always seemed unwell but had no real obvious sickness. My life was super busy and I was working in the Airline Industry on a shift work roster. I played wife to my husband and mum to two teenage daughters while also undertaking the bookwork for my husband’s business. My other duties included cleaning our home on my own, caring for family, organizing the family’s social life, looking after the pets, grocery shopping, paying the bills and trying to exercise. I look back now and see how exhausted I was but at the time it didn’t register as I thought this was a normal part of aging. I particularly remember feeling a dreadful sadness and my outlook on life seemed focused on what tasks I did. I wondered if this was all there was to life! Every inch of my body ached and I had about 12 extra kilos on me that I never seemed to exercise off. I was lethargic in the mornings, tired in the afternoons and never really slept deeply as there was too much on my mind. The worst feeling was that I felt angry, overworked, unappreciated and a slave to all the things I did to make others lives more comfortable.

A medical scare shook me to the core and my true measure of health was questioned. The results on all my professional medical tests were inconclusive as to why I felt so ill. How could this be? That’s when I realized the only area left to search was what I ate and how exhausted I allowed my body to get. It became important for me to find out what was right for my body.

I began seeing a qualified health practitioner whom I trusted and knew she lived her life with integrity, good health and well-being. Her vitality inspired me. I soon discovered how gluten, diary, refined sugar, preservatives, yeast, vinegar and alcohol reacted in my body.

My first concern eating this way was feeling that I would not be getting enough calcium in my diet. I learnt that there are many other more efficient sources of calcium from other fresh foods like soups with cooked red meat bones, soft fish bones like tinned salmon, almonds and broccoli to name but a few. It was also important to eat a variety of fresh produce and protein to ensure I was getting the correct nutrition.

To begin the process of noticing how each of the foods affected me, I needed to eliminate all the offending foods for 12 weeks, then introduce 1 food separately 1 week at a time. The reason for this is that when you eat the intolerable food you can feel what it does to you! That way you can understand how your body is affected with each food.

This phase was truly amazing for me! When I ate the offending food I could feel what was happening in my body and how hard it had to work. My body was talking to me by showing me signs of tiredness, swelling and bloating.

An example of this was when I ate dairy I felt congestion in my sinuses almost immediately and then I felt nausea, a little later I felt overwhelmingly tired. My reaction to sugar and yeast was equally amazing, when I ate sugar I felt hyperactive and my head ached. With yeast my stomach would bloat and clothes would be instantly tight. How incredible that all this can be felt? Each offending food had its own unique reaction. After this process I felt stronger and more in control when making better choices and also when others would try to persuade me to eat something that wasn’t compatible. I knew if I ate the offending food it would be me suffering not them!

When I began to eliminate the gluten, dairy, sugar, preservatives, yeast and vinegar I was cooking just plain meat and vegetables. My meals seemed boring and lacked the punch of flavour. So I began experimenting with spices and herbs and was amazed at how much flavour they added.

So that is why I have created this cookbook to help you with your new meals.

Our family has always eaten fresh meats, seafood, nuts, eggs, vegetables and fruit but we would eat a great deal of pastas, creams, cheeses, breads and I would use commercial stocks and sauces to flavour our meals. I thought I was a good cook but I quickly realized that I was making dishes to please myself and others and to satisfy our cravings. Now I understand that food is only fuel for our bodies like petrol is for cars. We still can enjoy the foods we eat but we don’t need to smother our foods with ingredients that are unnatural and chemically made. Cravings for foods become a thing of the past once you feel the benefits of eating fresh. If you have children you will also notice that your choices for eating fresh food will influence them to eat fresher now and in their adult life, as they love to follow our example. Why not encourage them to cook the meals with you so as to show them the simplicity of cooking. As a mother I often put my children first and that was part of the reason I became so exhausted. We must all take loving care of ourselves first and then we can care for others. This will also show our children to do the same when they are older. Our children are inspired by us!

As I started to take better care of myself it was a real struggle. When I rested I felt guilty and when I didn’t I felt guilty. From that point I knew I had to listen to my body. There was even tension with many family members as they noticed they now had to start doing some things for themselves. It created a few waves but I am pleased to say everything works out in the end. The rewarding part is that most people around you begin to realize that they need to help themselves and that they shouldn’t wait for others to help them.

My idea behind this cookbook is to assist others in learning how to make sauces, spreads, sprinkles, spice mixes, dips and coatings to flavour meat, seafood, vegetables and fruit. When you shop you can easily source fresh ingredients and then when you have time you can make a condiment a couple of times a week to have whenever you need it. The spice mixes and sprinkles may last a few months, but I think you will use them up before then. The sauces don’t contain refined sugar or vinegar, they are substituted with natural sugars and freshly squeezed lemon juice. To ensure the longevity of your sauces you must sterilise your glass jars and lids correctly beforehand. The jars I use are recycled olive and sugar free jam jars. Soak the labels in warm soapy water for about half an hour, peel and scrub off, then place in the dishwasher and follow the easy steps in this book to sterilize them correctly.

You will also see in the cookbook another way to eat, for example; my husband and I regularly eat fresh fish or eggs and salad for breakfast, instead of cereals. We make sure we wake early enough to have time to prepare our breakfast and lunches as this keeps us on track throughout the day.

Our lunch is often cold roast meat and a salad with lots of vegetables like celery, radishes, carrots, olives, beetroot, beans, olive oil and nuts. Always use vegetables in season to ensure freshness. We also add some fruit to our salads on occasions and of course, our homemade pesto, chilli sauce or mayonnaise to bring it all together.

For dinner, it’s usually a casserole, curry, cutlets or seafood and to accompany these we have roasted or steamed vegetables. The serving sizes are listed on some recipes and not others as I tend not to worry what quantity is left over as they are always eaten the following day for breakfast or lunch.

Our snacks are also homemade and there are a few ideas in this book. Remember to read the spiels under the recipes for more tips and how to vary your meals.

You can easily see by this menu how fresh we eat. The only packaged food we buy are some canned vegetables like tomatoes, beetroot and artichokes, canned fish like salmon and tuna and washed greens like spinach, rocket, lettuce and lastly products like Coconut Milk / Cream, Tamarind paste, Corn crumbs and Gluten free flours. Buying these packaged foods makes my life a little easier. Just make sure you read the labels carefully to ensure you are avoiding the unwanted additives. The ingredients listed should be worded simply then you know it’s good to buy.

Major grocery stores stock most of these products and you should be able to find them in the health food aisle. The rest can be found in Health food or Organic stores who also supply a great range of nuts, organic vegetables and natural sugar alternatives.

Cooking this way becomes a little easier. At first it seemed like I had to cook more but now I cook less as the food needs very little preparation. The only hurdle is to organize your time to make the condiments on a regular basis so that you always have a spice mix or sauce on hand to flavour your

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