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The Simple Life Academy: Healthy Living, Inside and Out

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The Simple Life Academy: Healthy Living, Inside and Out

Lunghezza: 130 pagine35 minuti


Living a simple life sounds great, but how do you do it?

From easy ways to eat healthy foods to out-of-the-box meditations, The Simple Life Academy will show you how to slow down while staying productive, how to find healthy food you actually like to eat, and how to take the stress out of your life, one step at a time. It doesn’t mean deprivation. It means getting rid of the things in your life that don’t serve you.

In The Simple Life Academy, you’ll find strategies around cooking, getting better sleep, and even taking care of your house. Health isn’t just about eating kale. It’s about everything in life that’s worth treasuring, and this book will show you how to take better care of yourself by cultivating mindfulness and simplicity.
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