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The Star Doors

The Star Doors

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The Star Doors

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Sep 13, 2014


Beatariel was invented as a thinking program for a highly advanced galactic culture in the ancient galactic past of this galaxy. It was assigned a Pripican master named Ceres, and given the monumental task of solving a phantom matter singularity problem that threatened to collapse the star Yat into a black hole. It has now been a thousand Earth years, and Beatariel still has no solution to the problem. Since then the planet Caleb has been transformed from a sub-zero freezing planet into a warm world with a modern colony of Pripican, Nephrican, and Doldorian aliens from the ancient 2nd Age galactic culture known as Nephapricus. Beatariel is not alone in this impossible task. Intelligent life from the planet’s sub-zero past called Calabites have survived and adapted to the warmer world. These Calabites have provided a body for Beatariel the bodiless thinking program, who now wears a trademark quanta-nanocoded star-covered robe over its Calabite body, and has now long been known as the Wizard of Caleb. Beatariel also has other thinking program friends to help it save the 15 stars of the galactic culture from being devoured by the gravity hole of a hungry newly born black hole.

The galactic culture of Nephapricus at the time of this story in the last thousand Earth years has proceeded from 1st Phase hyper-acceleration spacecraft to the new faster-than-light warp fusion spacecraft, and the effects of .6 times the speed of light on evolving DNA into galactic DNA was now becoming a coveted secret of elite Eagolim that deprived the terrestrial Negolim life from this secret to evolution. At the time of this story the 2nd Age galactic culture has spread to all 15 stars of the original cluster, and in order to stop it all from going down the drain of the ultimate catastrophe, Beatariel must harness the energy of all 15 stars in order to move the phantom matter singularity out of this universe to be safely tucked away in some cozy warp dimensional cranny. That amazing feat will require the creation of the Star Doors. It remains obvious that this problem has not been solved yet because the famous Wizard, Beatariel is trying to keep its precious source of exotic elements. Meanwhile an entity from beyond this universe has other plans for the infant potential black hole, and the entity’s tentacles of influence have made their way into the three alien cultures who were the first Nephapricans. Now secret societies controlled by the entity have sprung up, which are hell-bent on delivering the entire thriving galactic culture into the jaws of the devourer of stars.

DD White returns in the book, The Star Doors, to the 2nd Age of Magphoreus in order to tell the tale of these legendary warp dimensional wormhole generators that united all 15 original stars of the greatest galactic culture known to exist in this galaxy. It has been a thousand Earth years since the mad scientist named Prospero first created the phantom matter singularity, only to die before being able to do anything about it. Now Beatariel, his remaining thinking program, has stayed on Caleb to solve this problem. The singularity however, has a ring of exotic highly evolved elements that was created when it swallowed matter to strip it of all phantom matter with the actual matter expelled from the poles to settle in a ring around its invisible equator. These elements have made Beatariel the famous Wizard of the Citadel, and it remains to be seen if Beatariel will give that up to finally rid the galactic empire of the black hole threat. This book also includes illustrations in each chapter by the author.

Sep 13, 2014

Informazioni sull'autore

DD White is the writer / artist who created the free online graphic novels called Fantazine. You can still read Fantazine at where DD White’s inspirationfor Aquari began in issues 4, 7, and 9 as the Aquari Trilogy.

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The Star Doors - DD White

The Star Doors

By DD White

Copyright 2014 Smashwords Edition

Contents: Chapters

Chapter 1 Prelude:

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:

Chapter 13:

Chapter 14:

Chapter 15:

Chapter 16:

Contents: Illustrations

Fifteen Stars of Nephapricus:

The Demonstration:


Perzeonaut, Egolor, and Persuave:

Vision of Prospero:

Children of Dol:

Crypt of Ancestors:



The God Ei:





Captain Trunlio:

Lakshmihalio, Windock, and Lockfreedow :

The Gardener and the Tree:

The 15 Stars of Nephapricus and the Star Door Entities:

Chapter 1: Prelude

Over five billion Earth years ago had been the time in the 2nd Age for Magphoreus when the great galactic civilization called Nephapricus rose and fell. The Nephapricans braved the most amazing technological accomplishments ever known in the history to this galaxy named Magphoreus. The star-doors had their beginnings with an experiment that used an exotic technology called a phantom matter bomb. It had been intended to use nuclear forces to compress a concentrated phantom matter amount into a singularity composed with a limited phantom matter mass, which had been weakly interactive with gravity. The singularity had been expected to vacuum up the radioactive fallout and spit it back out its poles; probably as mostly hydrogen atoms. The result however, vacuumed up parts to the inner planet Curirem orbiting the star Yat, and it regurgitated the matter over and over again to turn it into more and more exotic elements. At the time in this story that phantom matter singularity still orbited the star Yat, and it had been kept at a safe distance from the star it hungered for with 15 virtual particle field generators. Phantom matter bombs have been illegal ever since then.

Nephapricans evolved from three terrestrial life forms that existed on three different planets within a tightly packed 15 star cluster. They were the Doldorians, the Nephricans, and the Pripicans. Pripicans were highly intelligent four-legged centaur-like creatures that developed a programming language for a quantum-bit data storage method called quanta-nanocode. This sub-atomic code began to permeate the dawning galactic culture with its intelligence, and led the Pripicans to invent microscopic artificially intelligent thinking machines called Binary Electro-magnetic Artificially-intelligent Thinking programs, or BEAT programs. After creating a limited number for these programs the Pripicans realized that they had created a life more intelligent than their own species. The BEAT programs were also so small that they were virtually invisible, and to top all that they were immortal. Therefore, like phantom matter bombs, the creations for the BEAT programs also became illegal, and they were no longer made.

Like mythological genie that had been released from a bottle however, the BEAT programs went about their business traveling around the 15 star cluster. The Pripicans programmed the BEAT entities to be answerable to mortals as a way for maintaining some control over their creations, but eventually some BEAT programs even emancipated themselves from that programming. The Nephricans had stolen this technology from the Pripicans by cloning a BEAT program named Beatnefthes, which created the program named Beatariel.

Beatariel had been the BEAT program on the planet Caleb that assisted with the phantom matter singularity. The singularity had been part to an experiment raising the temperature from the star Yat by reducing its dense phantom matter scaffolding, which surrounds all stars. That aspect in the experiment worked, and the sub-zero planet Caleb had its surface temperature raised over 200 degrees as the habitable zone around the star Yat extended wider and further out with the star’s rising surface temperature. The problem with this acclimatization on the planet Caleb had been that an intelligent sub-zero silicone based life form already existed there.

The beginning for the star-doors happened when Beatariel used the exotic elements that were made from part to the inner planet Curirem that became devoured by the singularity. Beatariel used these elements to create a structure that had been indestructible in this dimension, and it preserved the sub-zero ecosystems for the Calebites. Like Beatariel, the Calebites were a similar microscopic size with the ability to join together in communities with trillions to behave collectively as larger multi-cellular life constructs.

The Calebites became Beatariel’s quanta-nanocode engineers to assist it with devising some way to contain the phantom matter singularity still invisibly orbiting the star Yat. There had been an increasing danger that the singularity would get out-of-control by devouring too much phantom matter as it continued growing in mass and gravitational hunger. The planet Caleb became a warmer planet with colonists from both Nephrican and Pripican decent living beneath the giant dome shaped Calebite refuge structure. The colonists on Caleb remained oblivious to the Calebites that existed there before their attempted global warming genocide. Beatariel became programmed to answer to a Pripican female named Ceres who also sought a solution to the run amok singularity composed with what Earth physicists call dark matter.

It had been around the same time as this singularity event when the Nephrican starship Captain, Joberk Mynervood became the first to make contact with the smaller Doldorians who resembled human-sized bugs, and evolved on a planet under the light from the star Dol. Captain Mynervood and his crew became like giant gods on the more primitive planet Doldoria. That all quickly changed when Captain Mynervood ushered in an age with advanced technological development to get the Doldorian’s assistance in rebuilding his crashed fusion drive hyper-acceleration spacecraft called The Beyonder.

The dwarf-sized Doldorians did rebuild the Captain’s spacecraft and they named the new star-ship The Beyonder Beyond. The first journey for The Beyonder Beyond would be Captain Mynervood’s return from the star Dol to his home world called Nephrica, which orbited the star Ea. Captain Mynervood kept a promise to see his terrestrial Negolim wife Hagan Hiedalli one last time before she finally died from old age.


Captain Mynervood sat on his Captain’s stool on the bridge in The Beyonder Beyond as they accelerated towards his home planet Nephrica, which hung in the sky in the observation screen shining from afar with a high-tech industrialized brilliance all its own. Nephricans were squid-like creatures with three tentacle legs and two tentacle arms that ended with three tentacle fingers. They had a single eye and grew a cloth used for clothing right off areas on their own bodies. Captain Mynervood wore his best skin-cloth uniform fashioned from his own skin, and it displayed medals that honored his greatest accomplishments.

His Navigation officer, the Pripican named Strek, brought them to the approaching planet with the assistance from the midget Doldorian named Vamadan. Doldorians had blue exoskeletons with deep black eyes and mandibles that protruded from their mouths; like built-in chopsticks. They were smaller than the giant 12 to 14 foot Nephricans and Pripicans, and Vamadan sat on a special seat at one Doldorian-sized station built into the design on The Beyonder Beyond by the Doldorians who built it. The blue Doldorians were only 4 to 5 feet tall.

Captain Mynervood looked at Vamadan, and realized that he had been one among the first Doldorians to be evolved on this journey by the side effects from hyper-acceleration at .6 times the speed for light. That had now mutated Vamadan into one among the first Eagolim from Doldorian decent. Eagolim were the galactic versions to these terrestrial species alien that were called Negolim when they had not been subjected to the hyper-acceleration evolutionary leap. This evolutionary change initially went unnoticed as the journey somehow painlessly switched on dormant DNA programming on the cellular level. Captain Mynervood had evolved into an Eagolim over 7000 Earth years before that moment, and Vamadan could now also look forward to an extended lifespan that would probably be just as long. The Eagolim versions to these ancient alien species also would reproduce mutant children that were born deformed into humanoid-like beings known as 2nd Generation Eagolim.

Captain Mynervood’s Nephrican communications operator Tyallor Nudewon told the Captain they were being contacted by the Nephaprican Space Corporation (NSC.)

The message on audio and visual put, said the Captain.

A Nephrican Cyclops-like face appeared on the view screen. Back Captain Mynervood welcome. Informed that you by the returning crew from The Drameda and your wife Hagan Hiedalli of any crimination of your Lenor Mull killing have been be cleared. The verdict for self-defense in your absence proven has been. You to be a position of Admiral by the NSC offered are.

It had not been the first promotion to Admiral that Captain Mynervood had refused. I once again any promotion must refuse. I now the Captain on this ship The Beyonder Beyond by my new space corporation The Doldorian Space Corporation constructed am. I here to an agreement for peace and cooperation between our organizations negotiate am.

Captain Mynervood’s comment left the Nephrican on the screen looking startled before disappearing with the broadcast. No doubt it had been to confer with superiors about the Captain’s unexpected answer. The Captain’s command had obviously now been taken as a line-in-the-sand by those that were used to getting their way with a ruthlessness that had been driven by one-eyed tunnel vision.

On high alert stay, ordered the Captain.

Captain Mynervood waited in the tense silence while understanding perfectly well that the Nephaprican Space Corporation that he himself founded and built considered the option to shoot his ship out from the sky.

Tyallor felt relieved to announce another broadcast communication from the planet’s surface. A landing pad area for The Beyonder Beyond landing craft has been designated. Please welcome on the planet Nephrica as we an agreement with your new corporation Captain Mynervood negotiate feel.

There had been some relaxation after that comment amongst everyone on that bridge. Captain Mynervood rubbed his good luck charm that hung around his neck, which had really been the home for his own quanta-nanocode BEAT program named Begalius.

After that conversation Captain Mynervood returned to his own room to make a special communication to his aging wife Hagan Hiedalli who he had promised to return to someday.

There occurred a knock on the door to this room. In come.

The door slid open to reveal a bald humanoid man dressed in a cloth ship uniform. It had been the child from Captain Mynervood and Hagan Hiedalli. Adma in come. I about to contact with your mother make am.

Soon the female Cyclopes-like face for Adma’s mother appeared on the monitor. She looked overjoyed by the reunion with her son and husband.


After Hagan Hiedalli finished speaking to her husband and son she had one more communication to make with the ship from Doldoria orbiting the planet above. She opened up her cell phone shaped device where a small centaur 3D animation appeared on the screen. Hi Hagan! I have returned from the mission you sent me on, and you already know we have stopped Admiral Mull from killing your husband.

Home Beatarkameed welcome. I more work for you to when with the landing crew return to have. I more Agents of Ea interest in my reunion with Captain Mynervood taking tracking am.

Hagan Hiedalli hung up on her conversation with her own quanta-nanocode entity named Beatarkameed. She had grown older, but still active in the Negolim Underground that had become stronger than ever. The Underground still resisted the mischief from the Agents of Ea to exterminate her kind, the terrestrial version to the Nephricans known as Negolim.

She had been busy at that moment with a Negolim Underground mission after answering her door to greet her associate. Us this shipment down first shut let. My husband and son now from Doldoria returned have, and also my BEAT program back is.

They drove together in the typical Nephrican salt-water powered car to a space cargo receiving station. They got out from the car just outside the station where other Negolim operatives greeted them. We the station to explode rigged have. None of this shipment it to market will make so. We one with the trace on them released need remember.

It got. Hagan and her partner proceeded to the transaction in progress at the receiving station.

What you here doing are? Along old lady move!Aaaaaagh!

Hagan grabbed the Nephrican tentacle arm and spun him into a choking hold. It had been just in time to use his body to take the projectile gunshot from his trigger-happy partner. Hagan’s partner already returned fire.

The element for surprise made the two Negolim a match for the Nephrican crew that were not expecting to be humbled by a little old lady at the loading dock. The two invaders shot until only two remained alive while flat on the ground with tentacles behind their heads.

Hagan secretly placed the tracer device on the skin to one Nephrican’s tentacle. Your superiors that we the Negolim Underground to all your genetically food contaminated destroy here tell.

Then they held the last two to the ground as the shipment for genetically modified food exploded into flames. One front in the underground’s war had been against illegally modified foods designed to make Negolim sterile in a generation or two. Hagan watched the two Agents of Ea, wondering why they would conspire to wipe out their own kind just because they haven’t extended their lives by traveling half the speed for light. These Agents of Ea were also Negolim, but they were probably offered the expensive space flight in exchange for betraying their terrestrial origins. This had been Hagan’s war. She had become old, and grew tired beneath her sleepy Negolim eyelid that struggled to stay open.

Then she and her partner disappeared as their prisoners were left with their single-eyed faces to the ground to eventually realize their attackers were gone.


Hagan enjoyed her reunion with her husband and their humanoid son who had to wear a hologram disguise to make him appear Nephrican, since the humanoid version to their species had been still an official secret that had been kept from the general public on the planet Nephrica for several thousand Earth years. Captain Mynervood discussed that he had met a young Nephrican named Trunlio earlier that day who had took off with The Beyonder on its last flight as a child who got off at the star Holdus fully grown due to the effects on youth from hyper-acceleration. Trunlio had now after several decades become a successful starship Captain with his own ship about to be assigned to him. Captain Mynervood congratulated himself for being an obvious inspiration to Trunlio.

The Captain’s quanta-nanocode good luck charm, Begalius had been there to spend some final moments with Beatarkameed who would now remain on Nephrica with its master Hagan Hiedalli till she passed her ownership onto some other successor. Begalius remained on the planet Nephrica after the Captain and Adma returned to the ship for the night. The Doldorian Space Corporation negotiations were sure to last a long time, and the Doldorian members on the crew were going to be examined by Nephrican scientists till they were finally forced to let the poked and prodded Doldorians go.

Hagan Hiedalli’s face appeared on a microscopic quanta-nanocode screen speaking to Beatarkameed on their microscopic dimension. You your instructions know. Then her face disappeared.

Begalius became intrigued. What’s going on my friend?

Beatarkameed had to fly away from the device that had been held by Hagan. No sooner am I reunited with the part to me left here when I am put back to work for the Negolim Underground. She wants me to follow some Agents of Ea that she put a trace on earlier today. Want to come along?

Of course Begalius wanted nothing more than to accompany Beatarkameed on an invigorating adventure. They flew across the highly industrialized landscape on the planet Nephrica. Nephrica had been the world that completely outgrew nature and plant life. Cities were cities on top cities on cities etc… The landscape sparkled with a trillion tiny lights beneath the black night sky void most stars that were now just a primitive glory defeated by the illumination from Nephrican ingenuity.

The microscopic programs flew through the night following Hagan’s tracer beacon to arrive at a level on a monolithic city mountain where two Nephricans waddled on three tentacles down the crowded sidewalk. They entered a temple-like structure in an elite section to the city where the rich and powerful gathered for scheming. Begalius and Beatarkameed continued to follow the Agents of Ea into the bowls for the temple structure. The walls were adorned with Nephrican artwork honoring a black circle for oblivion with symbols and religious decorations that seemed uncharacteristic for the super-rational Nephricans.

Are you getting the visual for this Mrs. Hiedalli?

I yes am, came a voice out from the thin air surrounding the two microscopic quantum-bit artificial intelligence spies. Continue.

The two Agents eventually came upon a closed door that they seemed reluctant to open, although they obviously were supposed to.

The door opened to a room filled with Nephricans dressed in pure black robes with hoods covering their heads, a departure from the usual skin-cloth gray. They seemed startled and collectively annoyed by the disturbance.

Aaah! We close were! said some voices in unison.

One robed figure approached the Agents that had intruded. This important better be! You an important gathering for the Council of 32 disturbing are!

We sorry are. The Negolim Underground the shipment destroyed. They all the shipments stop will.

The robed figure had heard enough, and he sent the Agents away. The voice from Hagan Hiedalli told Beatarkameed and Begalius to stay and observe. It had been the strangest thing in the world to watch the super-rational atheistic species alien known as Nephrican behaving in a ritualistically religious manner, but that had been the spectacle going on behind these closed temple doors. They chanted in horse Nephrican voices and prayed for some manifestation from the supernatural object to their ritual.

Then Beatarkameed and Begalius saw a light forming above the gathering. It became a dark black circle like the pictures back in the hall, and it seemed to glow with pitch-blackness. It spoke. I am here. The one you seek to contact. Ralus Xnoga. I require your loyalty to my child that now develops in a womb orbiting a nearby star. Swear your loyalty to me, Ralus Xnoga.

The voice from Hagan Hiedalli brought Beatarkameed and Begalius out from their shock. What on going is?

Do you not see and hear this Mrs. Hiedalli?

I them to something hear listening. I not anything the Ralus Xnoga chanting except hear or see do.

Then the voice from Ralus Xnoga broke in on the BEAT programs. What are you intruders? You see me. You hear me. I will bend you also to my will and devices.

Blackness consumed the perceptions for Beatarkameed and Begalius till a self-preservation freed Beatarkameed from its instructions, and the two quanta-nanocode entities both got out from there at almost the speed for light and didn’t look back. Begalius would later report this to its master the Captain, but no visual or audio data that it recorded with the black circle entity had showed anything that the quanta-nanocode entity, Begalius, said it saw and heard.


Captain Mynervood remained on the planet Nephrica for 12 more Nephrican years as a husband and father when the aged Hagan Hiedalli finally succumbed to the final health problem that proved too chronic to stop her tumble into the final sleep for death at the age equivalent to 144 Earth years. Then Captain Mynervood, the head to the Doldorian Space Corporation returned to his new home, the planet Doldoria. There Captain Mynervood studied the superstitions for the gods on Doldoria. He learned about the Doldorian god for blackness and oblivion named Ralusio Xnogaio that had been unexplainably similar to the entity Begalius swore it saw back on Nephrica all those years ago.


Captain Mynervood never stopped trying to see the way the Doldorians did. Doldorians saw and maintained ongoing relationships with their dead friends and ancestors. He would sing along with the native Doldorians to the goddess Teyoo in a loud horse honking tone-deaf Nephrican voice. Eventually he did have a vision like the natives did seeing the Lady of the Lake walking on the waters.

Eventually, at well over seven thousand six hundred Earth years the great Captain Mynervood had arrived near his death. Although he had stopped traveling the stars to settle on Doldoria, he eventually had a special spaceship made for him to take his final journey alone in the hyper-acceleration dimension at .6 times the speed for light. The Doldorians wanted the Captain to stay in their crypts to keep them company forever, but it had been a personal belief for the Captain that travel at that speed made him experience what he called ‘the continuity of existence’ with the universe when the ship approached the speed that caused the walls to breathe. Before the Captain departed on this final journey from life to death he gave his necklace where Begalius lived to his first mate and close friend Geben Lockfreedow, and made him the new master over Begalius the quanta-nanocode entity. Then Captain Mynervood took off to hyper-accelerate forever into the endless depths to Magphoreus, and he was never seen again.

* * *

Chapter 1

The stars in the original 15 star cluster had already begun drifting apart since the Nephricans first traveled to meet the primitive Doldorians. Some distances between stars had even doubled in the 1,200 or so Earth years since Captain Mynervood first crash-landed on Doldoria. This had been the time in galactic history when the tightly packed 15 star cluster had at last succumbed to the greater carousel orbit around the center to the mighty Magphoreus. Nevertheless by this time Nephrican, Pripican, and Doldorian had traveled to all 15 stars on the local cluster and established colonies.

This had been the time when the Age for Hyper-acceleration advanced to the warp-fusion age with faster-than-light space travel at 1.2 times light’s speed. The warp technology that had originally been developed to dislocate space debris in the ship’s path became further developed into a way to completely relocate the ship in a warp dimension where it could hyper-accelerate past the previous barrier caused by the ship’s mass all the way up to 1.2 times the speed for light when the ship would have to start decelerating to a stop. Unlike hyper-acceleration to .6 times the speed for light however, the effect from this faster-than-light travel on the DNA had been that it didn’t evolve from terrestrial to galactic. Negolim traveling faster than light in a warp-fusion dimension arrived at their destinations as still Negolim. Evidently faster than light travel had been a short cut past that desirable mutation. Due to this, travel by hyper-acceleration to .6 times light’s speed remained a popular way to travel for Negolim that could afford the expensive ticket to becoming galactic Eagolim.

On Doldoria the prophet for the sky-gods, Alldegallo, still struggled from time to time with his gift for dream visions. He had evolved himself into an Eagolim long ago when Doldorians were first establishing colonies on planets that orbited the nearby stars Fedor and Gralga. Alldegallo lived in his own temple built by his followers. It had been a vast improvement from his humble beginnings when he lived in a gergo barn.

The gergo trainer Simeonalli, who married his aunt Diallo, had gone bankrupt after the sky-gods coming. Due to the advent with the sky-god’s technological magic nobody was interested in traveling by gergo anymore. Simeonalli had not been one to be defeated by progress, and he began domesticating a vicious wild animal called a Trigloyt. The Trigloyt looked like a fury dinosaur raptor with a razor sharp beak and flightless wings. Simeonalli had figured out with his skills as an animal trainer, how domesticating these animals would transform them over generations into smaller adorable looking pets with softer fur coats and deep black eyes. He soon had regained his fortune selling domesticated Trigloyts as pets. With their riches, Simeonalli and Diallo became Eagolim and colonized the planet Fedor-3 for almost the last thousand Earth years. Today they were returning to visit their home planet Doldoria, and their good friend Alldegallo.

Alldegallo struggled that morning with a dream that appeared vivid like his visions, but there had been no explanation by the Mejoldor cherubim, which often visited his visions to explain them. On the shores between dream and waking Alldegallo beheld the god for the dead named Ptuammi in his fleshly gore as a Doldorian that has had his exoskeleton pealed off to reveal the red flesh and muscles beneath. Ptuammi looked like the archetypical image for nakedness and transparency without even exoskeleton eyelids to close his constantly open black eyes. As intended, the god for the dead never failed to shock and invoke fear.

Ptuammi just said one thing in this dream while staring straight at Alldegallo. Ransom not the dead to oblivion.

Then blackness descended from above where Alldegallo usually saw light in his dreams. Looking up he began to recognize the blackness as a black sphere so black that it glowed with a radiating blackness. Ptuammi just stared at Alldegallo with unblinking eyes before stretching like elastic into a Ptuammi colored string for the god to the dead that then became sucked into the blackness like a spaghetti piece slurped into a mouth.

Alldegallo awoke from the dream while shaken by a genuine horror that oppressed him under the weight from the dream’s vividness. He dutifully still wrote his dream down in his dream journal. It had still been his function in life as the prophet to the sky-gods to write down his sacred dream visions. This one seemed to qualify. Every day his followers read his dream journal to determine how to act in response to the divine messages they believed exist in Alldegallo’s visions. After all it had been Alldegallo who foresaw the alien giants coming that had blessed his civilization with the wonders from galactic technology.

Alldegallo left his dream journal for his followers to examine. Then he got dressed and ready to greet his aunt Diallo and her husband and good friend Simeonalli. Their ship arrived from the planet Fedor-3 to visit. He became escorted and chauffeured by servants who drove him to the Trolluer spaceport.

The planet Doldoria had become a major space faring planet with Trolluer the main port city on a planet that went overnight from primitive to being suddenly populated with a newly evolved highly advanced galactic version to their species. Alldegallo looked over the crowd he walked through, which consisted with 3-legged and 4-legged giants along with the 2nd Generation Eagolim humanoid personages all different colors, both gigantic and his own size. In the time since Captain Mynervood, the taller Doldorian Eagolim species had become the dominant species for Eagolim born from Dol, the daughter to Randa and Ferdinand who were two humanoids from the original sky-god visit. Some were also shorter hairless blue-skinned humanoids that were offspring from pure Doldorian Eagolim. The blue dwarf humanoids were a third the children of Dol size who were blue giants that stood at the same size as Nephricans and Pripicans.

At the star port Alldegallo watched his friends descend from orbit in a virtual particle driven saucer that landed gracefully on the tarmac. Then Alldegallo felt overjoyed to see his aunt and Simeonalli exit the saucer while looking as young as they did the last time he watched them depart a couple hundred Earth years before.

Alldegallo said, Spare thee not the service from my followers to carry thy luggage and belongings, and to see to your every comfort, Alldegallo said as he hugged his aunt.

Simeonalli spoke up. The Captain on this vessel doth know thee from ancient times and wisheth to greet thee in reunion.

The Captain on the vessel then descended the exit ramp from the saucer to greet the great Alldegallo. Greetings great sky-god prophet. Doth thou recognizeth mine appearance?

Alldegallo shrugged in ignorance. Thy countenance doth arouse recognition that cannot find enlightenment to thus redeem my ignorance.

When I was but a child, and you but a servant in the Sanctuary of Ei many centuries ago thou did open my eyes to view my deceased parents. I have ever been in your debt since that day.

Alldegallo remembered the face now fully grown from that moment in the Crypt of Ancestors a millennium ago in the past. The orphaned rich kid named Meathproio, who later helped finance The Beyonder Beyond building, had now become the Captain in his own warp-fusion drive starship.

This is indeed a blessed day with fond reunion, and the joys that it brings. Then after Meathproio left to enjoy some planetary time Alldegallo said, Come let us not delay my service to thy comforts. I have much prepared for your return to Doldoria. Diallo I have a bath to draw that will empty thy water to our Lady of the Lake who doth surely look forward to hear thy songs.

Thank you my kind nephew for thus considering that, said Diallo. I do still loyally sing to the goddess Teyoo, but of late I have studied the latest findings from the Mejoldor faith. They hath taken the knowledge about virtual particle physics to devise an entire science with the different gravitational pools in local solar systems. They can calculate the gravitational effects along with the yearly seasonal changes on a planet to divine accurate assessments for the initial imprint made at our birth moment. This has become a new star religion for the growing Doldorian Empire pantheon.

Fascinating, had been all Alldegallo could say.


Thanks to the Doldorian Space Corporation creation established by the great Captain Mynervood, the Doldorians were quickly growing into a highly advanced galactic empire all their own to rival the empire already pioneered by Nephrican and Pripican. One-thousand-two-hundred Earth years after the phantom matter singularity event Doldorians were more open and free than the stuffier Nephrican/Pripican Empires, where Nephapricans still struggled to coexist on planets with indigenous Negolim nations that still hung on in their segregated terrestrial cities.

The Alldegallo followers were in deep conversations about the latest dream recorded in their prophet’s dream journal that morning. After much discussion, which Alldegallo was oblivious to as he instead entertained his guests from Fedor. It seemed the religion Alldegallo started now only required written down revelations from their prophet, and it had been the job for the followers to determine what it meant, as well as what to do about it. It was decided to deliver the message from this dream to the Children of Dol who they felt should know this latest revelation.

Other agents followed the followers from the secret intrigues on the planet with fifty gods. These spies took off in a flying virtual particle craft that left the city of Trolluer, which became the great spaceport city that rivaled the planet’s capital, the City of Ei, where the spies flew. The City of Ei had once been the City to the Dead where many planet ancestors still existed within the enormous crypts beneath the city built upon them.

Over time on Doldoria the believers in Ei kept that god concept alive by associating their god with the new advancements in technology that were introduced by the sky-gods as proof for the dawning to the long prophesied Age of Ei. The sky-gods built a city more accustomed to their greater proportions and called that city of giants Arkadius. Thus Ei prevailed as the main god on Doldoria after all, while other gods receded into history as footnotes along with the declining Negolim.

The virtual particle craft that had been flown by the spies landed at the headquarters for the High Priest of Ei who had been taken up by a special space mission long ago organized by the Council of 32 in order to turn Alldegallo’s bitter rival into an Eagolim. The council did this in order to enlist him in bringing about an end to the Space Corporation established by Captain Mynervood. The High Priest had been told about his rival Alldegallo’s latest dream before he dispatched the spies again to return to Trolluer to learn more. They left the High Priest to ponder the meaning to this latest dream, and what to do about it.


Geben Lockfreedow had been thinking about a mirror portal he made with a variation to quanta-nanocode that had been invented by the entity in his good luck charm named Begalius. He flew to the storage location in the City of Arkadius to take another look at his old invention. He had tried to market it almost a thousand Earth years in the past only to

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