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Skim: A Novel of International Banking Intrigue

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Skim: A Novel of International Banking Intrigue

Lunghezza: 326 pagine4 ore


If Tony Gould, head of international banking at the Manhattan Banking Corporation, can prod his fellow bankers to syndicate a one billion dollar loan to the African Republic of Maraka, the rewards are rich. His bank would rise to the top ranks in the New York banking world, and Tony would be one step closer to replacing Miles Vanderpane as Chairman and CEO. Tony has many obstacles to surmount: Maraka has natural resources, but is massively corrupt; its elite live like kings while most starve; and multinational corporations routinely bribe the government for a piece of the action. Closer to home, both the bank’s Risk Manager, who won’t approve the loan, and Vanderpane stand in Tony’s way. Then there are the obstacles which Tony does not anticipate, involving his wife, Maureen, and Samantha Vanderpane, the Chairman’s wife, who is a force to be reckoned with. Often satiric, Skim is a novel grounded in the real world of high-stakes banking. This absorbing story can serve as a cautionary tale as it illuminates the irresponsible behaviors underlying the near collapse of the banking system in 2008.
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