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Manifesting a Better World: Book 2 - Messages from Archangel Melchizedek

Manifesting a Better World: Book 2 - Messages from Archangel Melchizedek

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Manifesting a Better World: Book 2 - Messages from Archangel Melchizedek

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Aug 12, 2014


There are many people over time that have been crying out for peace on earth. The archangels have listened. They have decided to collaborate together to bring information through many channels that will help give the answers on how this can be achieved. This book is one view from Archangel Melchizedek who is the angel of peace.

It is apparent that we are in changing times. During these times there are many questions being asked as to how to improve the lives of many. In this book Melchizedek explains the effects of current ways of thinking upon the earth and how collectively mankind can begin to change things, if they begin to unwind old patterning from the past and create new ones.

Melchizedek explains about the Golden Age that we are in and how this will impact on those upon the earth. Included is much information about individual subjects that will be very close to many people's hearts. The more who read such information, the more quickly change can occur on the earth and a brighter future can be created for all upon the earth.

The effects of what is happening now is not only impacting on those currently living on the earth but also all those yet to be born. If mankind does not begin to take heed of the information that is coming through to them, the effects could be devastating.

If you are questioning your life and the way we live, this book will lead you to ways of thinking that will not only resonate with you but will also help you to begin to feel strong enough to make the changes within yourself that could then have a positive impact on others around.

Are you ready to make the changes necessary that will leave a positive lasting legacy for all those yet to be born? If so, this trilogy of books will give you a good foundation of knowledge to start you off or help you to expand further what you already know.

Aug 12, 2014

Informazioni sull'autore

I found that I could channel naturally once I connected to my inner self and saw that there was more to me than just the exterior I had come to know. This has led me on a journey of discovery where I have since found myself channeling books with higher beings and angels helping them to share their messages with the earth. I am a Spiritual Growth Mentor. My work is to help bring tools and ideas to others to help them with their awareness of their spiritual self and connection with all that is around them. To live more fulfilled and happy lives. Each individual's journey is unique and as such the tools they need to heal and move forward will vary. With loving support, I offer advice not only that I have learnt but also from higher beings and angels to bring all that is needed in that moment for the individual.

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Manifesting a Better World - Sarah Haywood

Published by Sarah Haywood at Smashwords

Copyright 2014 - Sarah Haywood - All rights reserved

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This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. The ebook may not be resold.


The techniques and advice described in this book represents the opinion of the author based on her experience. The author expressly disclaims any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, which is incurred as a result of using any of the advice or recommendations suggested herein. If in any doubt, or if requiring medical advice, please contact the appropriate health professional.


I wish to thank the many people who have touched my life. I particularly would like to thank my parents, family, friends, and children for being there through all the changes that I have incurred over the last three years. It is their patience and understanding that has allowed me to take the time needed to channel these books (this is one of a trilogy).

I would also like to thank the Archangels that have worked with me to make these books possible. This book is the second of a trilogy – Archangels coming together to collaboratively bring to mankind information that will help people to understand changes that are occurring on the earth and how they individually can play a positive part within it

Archangel Melchizedek is an angel of peace and is Christ like in nature. In this book Melchizedek has portrayed many messages to you to help you to consider changes within yourself and those around you that could bring about a more loving and harmonious existence upon the earth now and for future generations to come. The more who read such information and share the content by becoming the change they seek, the greater the prospects of the earth in the future.

Manifesting a Better World

Book 2 - Messages from Archangel Melchizedek


1. Introduction

2. How I see the World now

3. Things that can be done

4. Material Things

5. The Golden Age

6. Knowledge yet to be sought

7. The Cycle of the Honey Bee

8. Mankind’s Achilles Heel

9. How others in the Universe will help

10. Post 21 December 2013

11. Good Times Ahead

12. The Animal Kingdom

13. Schools of the Future

14. Hospitals and Doctors Surgeries

15. Remembrance Day

16. Elephants and All Mammals

17. Plants, Trees and Natural Habitation

18. The Land of Milk and Honey

19. The Laws of the Universe

20. The Youth of Today

21. Sugar and Sugary Foods

22. Aeroplanes, Trains and Automobiles

23. The Placebo Effect

24. Mobile Phones

25. Video Games and Television

26. Water

27. Angels and Higher Beings

28. God and All That is

29. Prayers and Healing

30. Preachers and Dictators

31. Being the Authentic Self

32. The Energy of Money

33. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

34. Life is a choice

35. The Planets in the Universe

36. Understanding Purpose

37. Summary


My name is Melchizedek and I am an angel of the highest realm. My work is to bring in the light to all those who request it and to show those in the dark ways in which they too can bring in the light. I have many followers and have gained these by connecting to them during times of difficulty. I hear the tears of those who cry for help. There are many who despair at this time. They know that they have come to deliver light into the world at this current time to help with the transition. They know they have a deeper purpose than what they have found already on the earth. Their frustration lies in how they are going to be it and deliver it. Often the ego and head get in the way and they end up going down a path that leads them away from their true purpose. The only way they can be totally true is by letting go of all that is past and creating a whole way forward that is new.

My purpose at this time is to guide those with this purpose to their destiny. To identify what is free will and what is their purpose so that they can make a choice which one to follow. The purpose of this book is to give some identity to this and allow people to make up their own minds from reading it as to which path they wish to follow.

I have been on the earth at different times to understand what the people are going through. I have found it to be a difficult task to watch people creating their own illnesses without being able to help them to solve it. Now I am back in my spiritual realm I can more easily share my wisdom from somewhere pure. It is this purity that people will honour and respect and know to be fitting with their truth. This in turn will allow their truth to acknowledge what is being said and to act accordingly after.

This book will contain many truths. These truths are known to man but not all man know and understand them at this point in time. Once these truths are read and understood, that is when the person is ready to truly connect with them, the person will then begin to implement them.

All people on this earth at this current time will undergo change for change is part of the cycle of life. How much they change will depend on their willingness to accept that the world has become troubled and needs to consider a different way of being. Those who do not accept that big change is needed in order for the world to be in harmony will no longer fit into the consciousness of planet earth. Change will be forced upon them but it may take them lifetimes to truly see the importance of change within themselves.

How I see the world now

The planet earth has become hollow. The people upon it are living life in the superficial. They are carrying on patterns of thinking from the past and accentuating them. These patterns have become so ingrained within the people that they can see no other path. There are some who are beginning to shed light on this who have come to the earth for this purpose. However, the majority of people are so stuck in their ways that they only want to acknowledge some of what is being said.

Before coming to the earth each person will have been aware of what was happening. They will have considered their role and purpose upon the earth before entering the earth’s atmosphere. They understood this purpose until the day they were born. They were then influenced by all those around them as to how to be. Their vision was clouded and hidden within themselves. Those who have chosen to do work upon themselves to unveil themselves will understand now this information. Each individual has the knowledge to help the planet and the people upon it in some way. Accessing this information however takes time to stand away from what they are currently doing to see what lies beneath

If everyone were to honestly view the world and look at what is happening within it they would know that it has become a place of disharmony. There are many pockets of people on the planet who are living unhealthy and unhappy lives. There is much destruction to the planet itself. There are many animals that are being threatened to extinction. There are places where food is scarce and where the people live meagre lives. The balance of the planet is wrong. As everything on the planet consists of energy, the energy of the planet is tilted over into the negative and this is affecting all upon it. Not only is it affecting the earth but it has begun to disrupt things in the universe too.

The universe is one big consciousness. Everything which happens within the universe affects the balance of everything else. If one part of the universe is therefore behaving in a strongly negative way it will cause disruption in the flow of all that is. Like the human body, when one part of it is injured or feeling ill, it disrupts the energy of the person and they are unable to perform at their best. This is the same for the universe. The universe therefore has become aware of the problems upon the earth and is working hard to find ways to resolve it.

Many beings are getting involved. These are not all from places that those on earth are familiar with. In fact many are not. They are however only interested in bringing the balance back to the universe of harmony. They are bringing their knowledge and understanding through to those who are willing to listen. Those who have been chosen will spread this knowledge to as many as it can reach. Whether people respond to it will be dependent on whether they are ready to hear it.

The biggest energy on the earth has become money. Everything upon the earth has become reliant upon it to make things work in harmony. When people are lacking in it they find their energies distorted and a negative feeling

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